Peter Pan Takes us to NeverLand!

There are certain movies that are completely timeless – while they are few and far between, I love it when it happens because I know everyone can sit together and enjoy it!

Peter Pan is one of those movies. As a little girl, I remember reading the picture book based on the Disney classic. I remember my mom telling me that the book was based on a movie which we were able to watch together and being surprised when my mom told me that she’d seen it when she was a little girl too! And, while I’ve never admitted it publicly before, I always thought that Peter Pan was really cute (it’s a bit embarrassing to admit that I had a crush on an animated character, but I still think he’s cute!).

Peter Pan Diamond Edition DVD

With the 60th anniversary of Peter Pan, and the release of the Anniversary Diamond Edition this past week, I wanted to share the mesmerizing story of Peter Pan with my girls.

What fun! I was pretty amazed — though I remembered how vivid and entertaining Peter Pan was when I was a kid, I was impressed at how the digital restoration as well as the high-def picture and sound resulted in a new experience for the viewer (aka me!). And, while the girls had never read or seen Peter Pan, Little One recognized Tinkerbelle right away – we recently had watched a Tinkerbelle movie and she was delighted to see her again! And, as soon as she Captain Hook and Mr. Smead appeared on the screen, both girls knew exactly who they were (as they’d seem them on Jake and the Neverland Pirates!).

Peter Pan promo

The girls enjoyed the action in the movie — I was a bit concerned that Little One might get scared at the knife scenes but she wasn’t at all – she was too busy laughing at the antics of the characters and the Tick Tock Croc! The girls also noticed a lot of small details that I’d never noticed before (and that make Disney movies so engaging!). For example, Miss Nine pointed out that the Tick Tock Croc raised her eyebrows in time to the ticking of the clock in his stomach — I’d never noticed it before!

My favourite part of being able to watch Peter Pan with the girls is the message behind the story itself — I think it is really important to be young at heart and Peter Pan embodies that idea at the core! And the girls loved it so much — we are saving the extras for Family Day weekend!

You can buy the Peter Pan Anniversary Diamond Edition in 2 formats — one which includes Blu-ray, plus DVD, Digital Copy AND a Storybook App and the other which is the Blu-ray pack that includes Blu-ray and DVD.

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3 Responses to Peter Pan Takes us to NeverLand!

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    I cannot wait to watch this with my grandkids! What fantastic memories it’ll bring back! Thanks

  2. Soozle says:

    Very much one of my favorite Disney movies! I am REALLY looking forward to watching it again 🙂

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    February 11- I have watched this movie many years ago but your review makes me want to see it again and I may have an opportunity to do so this spring. el03ro

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