Love a la

As I mentioned before, I recently began a torrid love affair.

Don’t worry, it isn’t a secret (which is why I shared it with you all). logo

My new love? aka!

The main reason I love what brings to the table (especially now that they ship to Canada!!!) is that you can find such an eclectic mix of items. With the variety that is available, there really is something for everyone!

Love pillow

So want to share some Valentine’s love? You can literally do that with the Marlo Lorenz ‘Love’ 20 inch decorative pillow with an art deco design!

This pillow’s quality is obvious — the colours are vivid, the stitching is excellent and I appreciate the fact that it closes with adorable wooden buttons on the back! You can remove the cover to wash it if you need to but also don’t have to worry about having the cover slip off! While suggests this pillow would be a great addition to a child’s room decor (which it would!), I like that it gives a punch of colour in our livingroom on our black leather couch!

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift (like this cute pillow!) or giving yourself a gift, is the place to go (hey….I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it!).

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3 Responses to Love a la

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    February14–First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone and you as well. Have a lovely day! I love that Pillow too. I think you have found a treasure chest in ‘Love a la if this is a sample of their products. Thanks for sharing with us.el03ro

  2. Soozle says:

    Ooooh! I love that pillow (not so much the price – why do pillows have to cost so much?!) ! I have never really checked out before – but they have some really cool products! With a little browsing though – the prices on things aren’t really that much better (or in a few cases more expensive than) than local stores…

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    I’m thrilled that they are shipping to Canada! I can’t wait to shop! (and I love that pillow)

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