Survivor: Fans Versus ?Favourites?

I’m a reality tv junkie. There is no question about that. And I’m constantly impressed by some series because they continue to be great — Top Chef is an excellent example.

Tonight I turned on Survivor: Fans Vs. Favourites 2. I’ve been watching Survivor faithfully since its inception (remember Richard Hatch and when Sue called him a snake??). I’ve enjoyed some series more than others but I’ve always been faithful.

survivor logo

But tonight I’m ticked off! Why? It’s the whole “fan vs. favourites” concept because there is a flaw in their title — the returning players can hardly be called fan favourites!!

First off, most of the returning players are from recent Survivor series — 6 of the 10 are from the last 2 series.

And favourites? Well, some of the returning players are entertaining (seeing Phillip in his underwear is always a treat!) and it will be interesting to see if a couple of them don’t make the same mistakes they did the first time they appeared (hopefully Erik won’t give away his idol and get voted out that same night again!).

Other than that, though, the cast is….well….blah!

1 contestant is a woman who was the first person voted off in her series (so how the heck could she realistically have many fans?). Many are players that I barely remember — while they did play in their season and do the odd interesting thing, they are hardly a “favourite”.

So I must admit I’m disappointed and wondering why Survivor is wasting their time.

For the first time since it started, I won’t be watching.

And I’m okay with it — I need to save my precious tv viewing for something that isn’t a sham!

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4 Responses to Survivor: Fans Versus ?Favourites?

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    February 15- It is very disappointing when one of our favourite shows begins to be mediocre. I watched Survivor the first season but couldn’t get really interested in it again. Eating some sort of gruesome bug seemed to be ‘first on the survivor menu’ so to speak. That really creeped me out.–I wish there were more shows like ‘Downton Abbey’ on; and that one, in my opinion, is a jewel. Maybe the networks will smarten up and stop scraping the bottom of the barrel. in my opinion, to give us real life. I would like some fantasy for a change.-el03ro

  2. Soozle says:

    Very much agreed! I am a huge Survivor fan, having watched EVERY season, but was not impressed with the ‘favorites’ this season… I missed my Ethans, Ruperts and Boston Rob’s! AS you mentioned – I didn’t even know a few or think them a favorite

    While I am still not willing to NOT watch Survivor – I am really losing interest. :-/

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    My husband and I couldn’t figure out who the favourites were? lol I’m not sure what they based their choices on, but I’m sure they are really fan favourites!

    But that being said, I still LOVE Survivor and will keep watching every season!

  4. sarah p says:

    I have always grown up watching Survivor with my mom and brother. Just these past few seasons I havent watched. I did see what you mean by not remembering most of the contestants. I may tune in occasionally myself just to see what’s happened, but I don’t think I’ll be tuning into this one on a regular basis 🙂

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