Euro Centrale by OPI Rocks 2013!

I have been dreaming about traveling again lately. For the past few years there hasn’t been much in terms of travel with lots of reasons (I wish I had the time and I wish I was independently wealthy!). That being said, I have traveled to a few places so it’s difficult to know where the next dream trip should be. I do know one thing — I want to see more of Europe!

OPI has given me even more reasons to dream about a European destination. They taken the colours of Europe and transposed them into a gorgeous Spring 2013 Eurol Centrale Collection!

The variety is as diverse as Europe itself!
Blue and violet are dancing partners in this glittery combo.

OPI…Eurso Euro
This deep blue cream is very continental.

Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN!
Thank goodness there are zero calories in this warm and yummy pink!

You’re Such a BudaPest
If I let you borrow this periwinkle-purple, will you go away?

Can’t Find My Czechbook
I hope you take credit, because I must have this aqua!

My Paprika is Hotter than Yours!
Get the extinguisher…this fiery red is sizzling!

Hands Off My Kielbasa!
Get your own…this bronzy tan is all mine!

OY–Another Polish Joke!
So this shimmery-gold walks into a bar…

A Woman’s Prague-ative
I’m changing this shimmery copper for…never mind!

Vant to Bite My Neck?
You know you want to…wear this deep eggplant.

I Saw…U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw
Be seen in this deep midnight blue.

My Vampire is Buff
Creamy, pale and nude…just how I like my vampires.

I was able to try a few different shades, including Hands Off My Kielbasa!, Can’t Find My Czechbook and Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN!

OPI_HandsOffMyKielbasaI had to laugh at the gorgeous bronzy shade called Hands Off My Kielbasa! because I handed it off to one of my friends who I knew would love it as it suits her colouring so well! She said that it goes on beautifully and, while she often puts on two coats, she could easily use only one coat! (My friends love it when I share!)

For myself, I think Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN! is pretty! So much so in OPI_SuzisHungaryAGAINfact, that I have to admit that I just did something I have never done before — I actually stopped writing my review in order to paint my nails! I love this shade of pink — it is the perfect midpoint between soft and bright. And what’s even better? It looks even more amazing with a topcoat of Lights of Emerald City from the Oz collection (which reminds me — have you entered my giveaway to win the Oz collection? It ends on Friday)!

OPI_CantFindMyCzechbookAnd my absolute favourite? Can’t Find My Czechbook! This shade of aqua is unlike any colour of polish I’ve used before! I like that it is light enough to suit my colouring and that it looks amazing with a topcoat of sparkle too (it is funny how OPI has brought out a love of bling that I never knew I had before!).

OPI YourSuchaBudapestI can’t wait to pick up You’re Such a BudaPest. That shade of periwinkle blue looks absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to see how it looks (and put on some topcoat sparkle with it, of course!).

Euro Centrale by OPI became available on February 6, 2013 and is available at Professional Salons and spas nationwide.

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5 Responses to Euro Centrale by OPI Rocks 2013!

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    February 27- Don’t you just love the names given to these OPI colours?! I think these are the most innovative and delightful names I have seen in a long time. Makes you want to go out directly and buy, for example, Budapest! I love it!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    These colours are gorgeous and the names are hilarious! Love them!

  3. soozle says:

    I am in love with this collection – the Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN is my fav, but all are such perfect spring colors!

  4. thomas rusinak says:

    A must have by any macho guy!!!!

  5. Elva Roberts says:

    March 6-Did daily tweet for this ‘ Euro Centrale by OPI Rocks’ giveaway.-el03ro

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