Touch — Like the Return of an Old Friend

There are two shows that I’ve been waiting patiently to return to television and, given the fickle nature of the networks, I kept worrying that one (or both, with my luck!) would be cancelled before they could return.

In February, however, I was excited to see them both come back! Each one had made some extreme changes to either the cast or the storyline, so I was interested to see what the end result would be.

Touch appeared last winter and I was mermerized! Having worked with children who have autism when I was younger, I was intrigued by the premise that Jake — a young boy with autism who is non-verbal — possessed some extraordinary talents related to numbers. Part of my interest ranged from my own experiences with children who had autism — I worked with one young boy, in particular, who showed some amazing abilities that still boggle my mind. Jake’s abilities on Touch are (of course) more extreme as his father Martin (played by Kiefer Sutherland) tries to keep him safe from people who want to separate them.

Touch Kiefer Sutherland autism

At the end of last season, Martin had taken Jake and run to the West Coast in hopes of finding a young girl named Amelia who appeared to have the same talents as Jake and who had disappeared.

To open Season 2, Martin and Jake “randomly” (and I use that term loosely, as nothing is ever random on this show — Jakes abilities facilitate many things) meet Amelia’s mom. They begin working together to try and find Amelia while Martin also tries to take down the company he believes was trying to steal Jake from him.

If you haven’t seen any episodes yet, make sure you find them and catch up! It is well worth it — there are some unique developments in the plot that are really leaving me on the edge of my seat! The only thing I miss was the quirky way in which stories would run parallel, only to connect up again. I found that was another aspect of the show that made it so interesting and different from other series. Now the storyline is a lot more direct which is okay but I miss the parallelisms. I also miss the adorable little Asian girls with the videocasts (played by Satomi Okuno and May Miyata) — I hope they are going to reappear!

If you have missed anything, you might want to catch up here. According to this site, there are also at least 11 episodes in this season so fingers crossed it continues for a long time to come!

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4 Responses to Touch — Like the Return of an Old Friend

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    February 28-Thank you for giving us a short precis of this show. I have not watched it but am going to as you have given us a very interesting and intriguing review of it. Thank you as so much on TV does not seem to be worth watching. el03ro

  2. Florence C says:

    I have watched this show and is glad that it is back. I find it more interesting this season with Amelia’s mom in it and the new emotions that Jake is showing.

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    I’m so glad this show is back on air! I’m not a huge Kiefer Sutherland fan, but I enjoy him in this!

  4. Dreena says:

    I’ve not seen this show before but it sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing your views on it.

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