Ziploc Makes Springing into Spring Clothing Easier! (G!veaway – Canada)

This week has been a crazy cleaning week and I’m still excited to look at a relatively clean home (I know – I need to get out more often but it really does excite me!). With items sent to the Goodwill, recycling gone to the recycling centre and garbage just waiting for pickup, things are almost exactly the way I want them to be.

And, actually, I got to change the “almost exactly” to EXACTLY thanks to Ziploc!

I’ve been a fan of Ziploc bags for as long as I can remember. My parents used Ziploc bags when freezing items and from the time I left home to go to school, I would make meals in bulk and use Ziploc products to freeze them. To me, the quality of Ziploc products have always been excellent!

When I learned that Ziploc had expanded into a new line of products, I was pretty excited because I knew it would making spring cleaning and organizing complete if they were as good as I thought they would be.

So what was going to provide the pinnacle of spring cleaning for me? Ziploc Space Bags!

Closet space is at a premium here and I always seem to be looking for places to organize and store items. And, no matter how efficient I feel that I’m being, it is still a struggle for space. You can only pare back so much!

In years gone by, when it’s time to put away the bulky sweaters and heavy comforters, I’ve found myself packing things into boxes which I then try to stack on high shelves. It looks messy and, in the end, I find that I have to wash everything again when it’s time to bring things out again! No more!

The new Ziploc Space Bag are oversized, vacuum-sealed bags that are specifically designed to help organize bulky household items like bedding and pillows to sweaters. According to Ziploc, Depending on the size and type of bag, they free up two to three times the amount of space once air is removed through the vacuum valve which includes a wide range of bag styles, including flat, cube, travel, carry-on, tote and hanging.

These bags are so easy to use! All I had to do was place the items in the bag, seal the bag with the airtight double zipper and remove the air by using the hose attachment of my vacuum (though specific instruction may vary depending on the bag style|). Once that is done, all items I placed into the bags became compressed which gave me maximum storage!

Ziploc Space Bags 2XL 300My personal favourite of the bags I tried are the 2 Jumbo Bags pack. One place I’ve never been able to utilize for space is the area under our bed because the frame sits fairly low to the ground. With these jumbo packs, however, I was able to bag extra comforters and now they are safely tucked away under the bed until the next time we need them!

I also like the Combo Assortment, which includes 1 Large Cube, 1 Extra-Large Cube and 1 Jumbo Cube. I have been able to pack up some of our super-thick sweaters and tuck the cube away on the top shelf of the hall Ziploc Space Bags Combo 2XL 3L 2M 300closet. I like these cubes better than my previous system of using boxes because they take up less space, fit nicely together and I know when it is time to bring them out again I won’t have to worry about washing everything because it has been stuck in a box!
I’m also really interested in the Travel Space Bags because I’m hoping to actually go on holidays this year (fingers crossed here — I don’t want to jinx it!) and I think these bags will make it so much easier to pack! With these bags, you put your clothes in the bag, then roll out the air and they are ready to be packed. A holiday with less suitcases — sounds good to me!

Ziploc Space Bags Travel 300

Ziploc Space Bag products are available in home improvement and superstores across Canada such as Target, Wal-Mart, Rona, London Drugs, Home Hardware, Staples, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Home Outfitters with prices ranging from $9.99 to $29.99 depending on the type and size of bag.

Giveaway: One reader from Canada (excluding Quebec) will win a Home Storage Essentials gift basket courtesy of Ziploc Space Bags that includes: an assortment of Ziploc Space Bags products and a selection of complementing products including a vertical shoe rack, a hanging shelf organizer, storage bins and much more!

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