2012 Favourites – Dolphin Tale

Where is the time going? I still can’t believe that we are getting towards the end of March in 2013!

Despite the fact that time is ticking away, and the girls are getting older by the day, it amazes me how some videos remain their favourites! The best case in point is Dolphin Tale!

Dolphin Tale logo

What I Initially Thought About It

I was really impressed with this movie! It was family friendly and told the heartwarming true story of a dolphin named Winter who was saved by people who cared! The cast was amazing (including Harry Connick Jr and Morgan Freeman).

Dolphin Tale supporting cast

I was also amazed at how engaged family members of all ages! While it is often a struggle to find a movie that engages Little One, she couldn’t take her eyes off the screen and kept asking questions about Winter’s “ouchie”. And, at the other end of the spectrum my dad, who also has difficulty sitting through an entire movie, also commented on how much he enjoyed this film! It truly is a movie for all ages!

What I Think Now

Over a year later, the girls still adore this film and I must admit that I do as well! I’m not generally someone who watches or reads anything more than once but Dolphin Tale is an exception. This movie never fails to warm my heart and I love the fact that we can all sit and enjoy it together!

What I’d like to see

Absolutely nothing! I only wish I could find more movies like Dolphin Tale!

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5 Responses to 2012 Favourites – Dolphin Tale

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    We haven’t yet seen this movie but I do adore me some Harry Connick Jr. We’ll have to watch it when our grandkidlets come over!


  2. Florence C says:

    This was a great heartwarming movie. It is amazing what can be done today.

  3. Lynn says:

    I too LOVED this movie! We went to see Winter and Hope at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. What a gem! They may still have a WEBCAM set up on their website, where you can see Winter swimming around! I love dolphins!

  4. Elva Roberts says:

    March 18-i, like you, would love to have more ‘family-friendly; movies and DVDs out there. We subscribed to the Movie Channel a couple of years ago, but gave it up because of the violence and/or foul language. I’m afraid things have gotten worse on that front. I have written to the CRTC and found that patronizing and dismissive. People are hungry for good movies!-el03ro

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