Where The Cookie Monster and I Differ – Starting Strong Monday

A few monthes ago I saw the cutest viral video. Based on Carly Rae Jepsen’s song, the Cookie Monster sang his own version where he said he’d hope if you had a cookie you’d “Share It Maybe”.

A year ago I would have simply laughed and moved on, but this parody has resonated wtih me because (bizarre as it might sound) I was just like the Cookie Monster.

Cookies are, single-handedly, my greatest weakness. I still find them incredibly hard to resist. So much so, in fact, that unlike everyone else at staff meetings, I’m happier when there are no cookies as it takes away my temptation!

It has been a big struggle to recognize how extensive my fixation on cookies truly is and to take steps to ensure that I come up with strategies (such as bringing my own fruit to staff meetings and sitting directly across the room from the cookies) to deal with it.
I guess, though not as extreme, cookies are my extreme addiction. But, as long as there are cookies around, I have to continue to find ways to deal with it.

This may also explain why you’ll probably never find a cookie recipe on my site….

(And, if you are thinking, “I can’t believe she is that obsessed with cookies”, it may be sad but I figure that admitting you have a problem is the first step and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I have a problem with cookies!).

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4 Responses to Where The Cookie Monster and I Differ – Starting Strong Monday

  1. multitestingmommy says:

    I have this weakness with many treats – it’s so hard! Good for you for being strong and admitting it!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    I don’t think your cookie thing is weird at all! I’m like that with all baked things; cookies, cupcakes, muffins, bread, cake……I can inhale a dozen cookies in a few minutes easy! Our youngest daughter recently moved out and we have now gotten rid of every baked item in our house. I can’t stop myself from eating them; its a real addiction I believe.

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    March 19- well, I have a fixation with chocolate-anything chocolate, so you are not alone. In fact, i imagine there are probably millions of people out there with some sort of food fixation. Join the great hordes of us and rejoice in being normal! elo3ro

  4. Elva Roberts says:

    Well, I have a weakness for cookies as well-especially Martha Stewart’s Chocolate Chip Home made ones. You are ok as long as you do not eat one. Then, if you do, you are eating two, three and so on. Again, welcome to the real world of temptation vs self control. el03ro

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