If My Sixteen-Year-Old Self Found Me on Facebook Today

If my sixteen-year-old self found me on Facebook today, what would she think?
The Future Of Us cover

After reading The Future of Us, where 2 friends in 1996 get a glimpse of themselves in 2011 through Facebook, I began thinking about what my sixteen-year-old self would think if she found me on Facebook today.

Here are the things that I think would surprise her the most:

1) Her proclamation, after taking Grade 10 computers, that she’d never use a computer again was obviously wrong!

2) She lost all of the weight she carried in high school, but gained it back again and is having to lose it again. ARGHH!

3) She has the career she dreams about, though there were a few bumps along the way.

4) She has an amazing family who are obviously important to her.

5) Her parents and siblings are all her Facebook friends (who would have thought her parents would even figure out how to use a computer??)

6) Her parents still nag her (though now they do it on her wall and through Facebook messages!)

7) Some of her closest sixteen-year-old friends aren’t her friends today but two of her best friends are still her best friends today!

8) She has traveled to places that she is dreaming about right now (and even has the photos to prove it!)

9) At a time when she often feels alone, it is obvious there are a lot of people who care about her!

10) What happened to her spiral perm? She has sworn she’d NEVER leave her hair straight!

I think if my sixteen-year-old self could the forty-one-year-old me on Facebook today some things would surprise her but she’d be happy with most of what she learns. And that makes me feel good.

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5 Responses to If My Sixteen-Year-Old Self Found Me on Facebook Today

  1. Pam Young says:

    I don’t share anything personal about myself, so I am sure my 16 year old self would wonder what happened. lol! Your life sounds like it is on track. I know we all have bumps along the way, but you sound happy where you are at.

  2. Elva Roberts says:

    March 22–Isn’t it nice to know that your younger self would be so proud of you and amazed at how much you have accomplished? You still have two best friends from School. I have some as well. That is so wonderful for both of us. You are never alone. We are ‘rooting’ for you out here in ‘blog space!’ Hugs. el03ro

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    If my 16yr old self could see me today, I believe she would take drastic actions to change the path of her life (like I wish I could if I were able to go back) Although, I do believe she would be shocked that she’d been married for over 20 yrs.

  4. Sheri says:

    I’m happy to still be one of those friends, but that doesn’t surprise…I figured we would always be friends 🙂 My 16 year old self would be absolutely shocked at who I am today, lol.

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