The Healthy Shopper’s Spring Picks (G!veaway – Canada)

The Healthy Shopper logoEarth Day is fast approaching as it is celebrated on April 22nd! To celebrate its return next month, the Healthy Shopper resident experts, Randy Boyer and Andrea Donsky, want to talk about making every day Earth Day, because what’s good for our bodies is also good for the environment.

And their Spring 2013 Picks are easy to find in grocery stores, and in many cases, neighborhood pharmacies too!

I had a chance to try some of these products as well and, I have to tell you, I’ve really enjoyed them. In fact, one particular line is now among my favourite products and I’ll be searching local stores to find them!

Olympic_Organic_Coconut_Yogurt_thOne of the Spring picks is Olympic Dairy yogurt. These yogurts, which come in Coconut, Mango, Lemon as well as Organic Plain and French Vanilla, are certified-organic and 100% natural. I have to admit that I haven’t eaten yogurt in a long time because I find most yogurts have a weird aftertaste but that is not the case with Olympic Dairy yogurt — the only taste that came through was the fresh fruit flavour, which I think may be a result of the fact that these yogurts don’t contain any synthetic preservatives, gelatins, chemicals or fillers.

I also discovered that the Spring Picks include Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread. According to Donsky, “I really love the coconut spread for cooking and baking and my family loves it on their toast in the morning,” The Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread is great for those with food sensitivities because it is free of lactose, soy, dairy, casein and gluten. Personally, I can’t wait to pick it up because it means I will be able to make recipes that commonly call for butter without worrying that I can’t share it with my friends who have dairy sensitivities.

Simply_Natural_Organic_Pineapple_Salsa_thMy personal favourite of the Spring Picks are the Simply Natural Organic Salsas! I was keen to try this line of products, which includes Pineapple, Mango, Black Bean & Corn as well as Mild or Medium flavours because they are made using only organic ingredients and they don’t contain high amounts of sodium, chemical additives or preservatives. My absolute favourite is the Pineapple Salsa. It has a Simply_Natural_Organic_Black_Bean__Corn_Salsa_thchunky texture (as do all the salsas in this line) and it is sweet but still has a kick to it! I also really enjoy the Black Bean & Corn Salsa. I love this combination of flavours and the fact that it has a rich texture and flavour to it with a tiny amount of calories (it has only 20 calories per 1/4 cup!!!!). The Mild Salsa was a hit as well and my parents tried out the Mango Salsa and the Medium Salsa and gave both a thumbs up! I will be searching my local stores for Simply Natural Organic Salsas because, well simply, they are super-yummy!

Zaxs_Bruise_CreamAnother Healthy Shopper pick is Zax’s Original Bruise Cream. According to Boyer and Donsky, many people don’t realize how you can use your body’s natural healing system to quickly improve the appearance of unsightly bruises. Zax’s natural therapeutic creams are created by healthcare professionals and contain all natural ingredients including Arnica, Witch Hazel and Menthol. I’m lucky because bruises aren’t a common occurance in my home (I guess we all have thick skin!) but it is a huge issue for my aunt because bruising is a side effect of a medical condition that she has. She was excited when I told her about Zax’s Original Bruise Cream and couldn’t wait to try it!

The Healthy Shoppers have chosen Natracare as a superior line of hygiene products. Natracare’s 100% Organic Cotton Baby Wipes and Intimate Wipes infused with organic essential oils and natural extracts are an important choice for parents who are conscious of what they put next to their own and their family’s skin. As most wet wipes contain materials derived from petrochemicals but Natracare’s wipes are free from parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), alcohol and synthetic preservatives, making it a healthy choice for the whole family.

The Healthy Shopper’s last pick for Spring 2013 is Hyland’s Homeopathic traditional Leg Cramps formula to relieve pain and Hylands_Homeopathic_Leg_Cramps_Tabletscramps in the lower back, legs and feet. For those who suffer with agitated legs, Hyland’s Leg Cramps tablets can help by stimulating the body’s ability to heal naturally and to ease the painful symptoms. For nighttime cramp relief, there’s Hyland’s Leg Cramps PM. These products are the only non-prescription solution for restless legs as well as being side-effect free, non-habit forming and drug-free. I suffer from legs cramps from time to time (the worst being when I wake up with a Charley Horse that doesn’t subside for many hours!) so I’m looking forward to trying out the Leg Cramps formula to see if it will help the next time I have to deal with leg cramps!

So the Healthy Shoppers have provided a huge variety of Spring Picks, and, guess what? You can win all of the products mentioned here!


Giveaway: One reader from Canada (excluding Quebec) will each win a huge Healthy Shopper prize pack that includes all of the products mentioned above in a durable Healthy Shopper reusable grocery tote!

Remember, you must complete the mandatory entry in order for your extra entries to count (entries without the mandatory first entry will be discarded)!

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