Hershey’s Bunny Trail!

The girls love Easter and so does I! As I mentioned earlier when talking about Easter, when I was a little girl, my aunt started a tradition of bringing all of her nieces and nephews together each year and having us paint eggs together! She continued that tradition when she had great-nieces and great-nephews as well and, while she has passed away, we keep doing it each year (I like to think that she is watching done on us and smiling because we are keeping up this tradition!).

Celebrate with Hershey's Easter logo

The other thing that the girls love about Easter is the candy (of course!). Whether it is Grownup Girl, Miss Nine or Little One, a love of tasty treat is something they all have in common!

Hershey’s knows that chocolate is a great aspect of the holidays and they’ve developed a brilliant line of Easter products and the variety is awesome! For the chocolate lover, Hershey has everything from YORK Peppermint Pattie Eggs and Cookies ‘n’ Creme Eggs to REESE’S Peanut Butter Eggs, Minatures and REESE’S REESTER Peanut Butter Bunny as well as HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Bunnies, Eggs and much more!

Hershey's Bunny Trail

And for those who love different types of candy, Hershey has a lot of options too! Personally, I know that all of the girls are fond of WHOPPERS Mini ROBIN EGGS Malted Milk Eggs Candy and JOLLY RANCHERs (which you can get as Jelly Beans or Sours Bunnies!) and I know other family members who’d be happy to get some TWIZZLERS Strawberry Snack Size Bag in their Easter basket!

With Easter just around the corner, I’ve found myself looking through Hershey’s great craft ideas and I’ve had fun getting some really unique holiday ideas from the Hershey’s Bunny Trail!

So don’t let the fact that Easter is fast approaching throw you for a loop — Hershey has everything covered for a great Easter celebration!

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7 Responses to Hershey’s Bunny Trail!

  1. multitestingmommy says:


  2. Elva Roberts says:

    March 28- Isn’t it wonderful to have Family Traditions at Holidays?! I think yours is great. We like to get together at Easter and you may be sure there will be Hershey Goodies there as well!-el03ro

  3. Soozle says:

    Last year (I haven’t seen them this year) I found peanutbutter Eggies.. Holy crap. Those things were dangerously addictive 🙂

    Happy Easter to you and your family 🙂

  4. Florence C says:

    Nice to hear how famlies come together for special occasions. Love hershey chocolates especially the ones with Peanut butter.

  5. Anne Taylor says:

    They have alot of fun baskets on the site! I love Easter baskets and these all look amazing yet pretty easy to make!

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I love chocolate, milk or white both are yummy. I love Easter because there is so much of it. I especially partial to Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, luckily they also have them at Halloween just the insides are a different colour but they taste the same to me.

  7. Elva Roberts says:

    This time, as I reread your post, I decided to look at one of the ‘links’ you included. I checked out the ‘Making Easter Baskets’ post and really enjoyed reading it. You can find lots of new or different ways to make Easter more fun for everyone and, of course, Hershey’s makes Easter more delicious for all of us.-el03ro

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