Hasbro Brings All the Sweet Without the Sugar!

Holidays always seem to be sugar-ladened frenzy with the girls. Not that we don’t all love sugar, and seeing the girls enjoy treats makes me as happy as it does them, but there can be too much of a good thing. For that reason, I like to give them a variety of gifts — especially ones that I know they will continue to love long after the candy has been eaten!

hasbro logoHasbro has some very cool Easter gift ideas and the girls absolutely adored the ones that they received! Having celebrated our family Easter yesterday, the girls got their presents too – some at home and some at Grandma and Grandpa’s house- and I have to say that we couldn’t open the boxes fast enough to suit them!

MY LITTLE PONY LITTLEST SO SOFTI think the funniest response was when Little One opened the MY LITTLE PONY LITTLEST SO SOFT Pinkie Pie. Without missing a beat, she announced, “I have ALWAYS wanted one of these!” (which is probably true – that girl loves My Little Pony). As soon as the box was opened, she was petting it and attaching all the cute accessories and she insisted on taking it to Grandma and Grandpa’s house so she could show everyone!

LITTLEST PET SHOP Sweetest Hide & SweetLittle One is also a huge Littlest Pet Shop collector (we have an entire carrying case with her collection in it and she loves taking it places to show people!) so when she opened up the LITTLEST PET SHOP Sweetest Hide & Sweet she was quite excited! She said “it must be new!” because she hadn’t seen this collection but she was eager to get it out and start playing with it right away! And I haven’t even told her about the Littlest Pet Shop app yet! The app is a way to play games with and keep track of her favorite LPS pets. Each Sweetest Littlest Pet Shop pack includes a pet collector token that brings sweet pets into the virtual world. It’s free and can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. She loves playing games so I have no doubt that it will be an instant hit!

BABY ALIVE KICKS & CUDDLES NEWBORNS DollGiven the fact that Little One has a full-sized Baby Alive, I figured that she was going to like the BABY ALIVE KICKS & CUDDLES NEWBORNS Doll and I was right! She was giggling away when she realized that once she pulled the bottle from doll’s hands, the babies would kick just like a real baby!

FURREAL FRIENDS HOP 'N CUDDLE BunnyWhile Little One often has more boundless enthusiasm for her toys (Miss Nine seems to think it is “cooler” to get excited when noone is watching!), Miss Nine was incredibly excited by the FURREAL FRIENDS HOP ‘N CUDDLE Bunny! She has been asking for a bunny since last summer so, while the negotiations continue, I thought that the Hop ‘N Cuddle Bunny would be a great replacement because not only does it love to hop, but it also makes little sniffling and nibbling sounds and when it hops away, it will circle back! Her expression when she saw everything that it could do was awesome! I thought that the Hop ‘N Cuddle Bunny was a great toy as well because she gets to have some fun with it and enjoy it (I have to admit – without the mess!).

FURREAL FRIENDS SNUGGIMALS Walkin' PoniesAnd, because the girls are really great at sharing, they decided to share the FURREAL FRIENDS SNUGGIMALS Walkin’ Ponies with one of my friends! They knew that she’d had surgery and was stuck at home and that she loved horses. So they decided they wanted to share this toy with her and were delighted that she loved it as much it as much as they loved their toys ( and she did — she thought the fact that it would trot was hilarious!).

Hasbro has such an astounding diverse collection of toys, there are Easter gifts abound for girls and boys of all ages (and those, like me, who are young at heart as well)!

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2 Responses to Hasbro Brings All the Sweet Without the Sugar!

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    March 30-This is a wonderful idea at Easter. Of course, there has to be some chocolate but these Sweet Hasbro Easter toys are sweet enough for any child and even some teens!-el03ro

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    We bought our grandkids toys this year and just a little bit of chocolate! I think its a great idea to promote play and to cut down on sugar consumption!

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