2012 Favourites – Trop 50

Trop 50 logo

What I Initially Thought About It

When I first tried Trop 50, I was impressed with it for a number of reasons.

I liked the fact that it gave me the fresh taste of orange juice that I’d been missing since I’d started on a weight-loss journey and the fact that it had 50 percent less sugar and calories than most conventional orange juice.

I also like that Trop 50 was made with 100 percent juice, contain added vitamins and water. Trop 50 is also naturally sweetened with Natural Pure Stevia Extract – something that was completely new to me.

What I Think Now

It’s been over a year since I first tried Trop 50 and I’m still a huge fan! Since I first tried Trop 50, I’ve done a lot of research about different types of sweeteners and I am convinced that stevia is a much better alternative than many other sweeteners so I’m glad it is the sweetner that is used in Trop 50.

trop 50 bottles

And, while I do enjoy the Pomegranate Blueberry flavour (and it is a great treat for Little One as she adores it!), my absolute favourite is the Trop 50 Orange with Some Pulp!

What I’d like to see

I would love to see some new flavours! I know that Trop 50 has a number of varieties available in the US that aren’t available in Canada.

And what I’d love to see the most is an Orange Pineapple version of Trop 50!

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7 Responses to 2012 Favourites – Trop 50

  1. Soozle says:

    VERY much agreeing with you! I tend to avoid juice due to the high caloric/sugar contents – Trop 50 has been my juice of choice as well…

    I’d also really love to see more flavors come to Canada for some variety 🙂

  2. binabugged says:

    oh yeah, tried this because of the coupon thing that pepsi had (buy so much $ worth, send in refund, get coupons for free prouducts) the biggest problem I had was finding it as I didn’t realize it was in the refrdigerated section of the store…when it goes down to $2 and $3 we buy a ton of the lemonade stuff(but at $4.95 at walmart and superstore for this, its out of our budget most times)

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    Yummm Orange Pineapple would be delicious! I agree with you about Stevia, it seems to be pretty safe to use!

  4. Elva Robertse. says:

    Ap;ril 10–I had never heard of the Sweetener, stevia, until you mentioned it in your post. I had given up drinking fruit juices because I was so concerned about the amount of sugar in them. I think I will have to revise my thinking and, at least, read the labels. Thank you for bringing stevia to our Attention.-el0j3ro

  5. Elva Roberts says:

    Here I am again, writing about Trop50 and the sweetener Stevia is in our grocery stores so that we may purchase it instead of other, maybe dubious, low calorie sweeteners. I just watched an ad on TV which featured Stevia-How far we’ve come in a year! I know many people love orange juice and I am one of them. el03ro

  6. loriag says:

    I love Trop 50. I also agree with you on the stevia.

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