Facebook Time Wasters (Warning – they are addictive!)

Like so many other things, I spent a lot of time trying to avoid playing games on Facebook because I knew (a la the descriptions from many friends about Farmville) that Facebook games can be both time-consuming and addictive.

facebook logo

…and then someone invited me to play Words with Friends….

…and it began….

So now, a couple of years later, I have to admit that I’ve been drawn into the land of Facebook games. And you know what? I really enjoy them! Most of them take no more than a few minutes a day, they are free and they are fun!

So I thought I’d share my favourites with you!

I kept hearing people talk about playing Words with Friends for monthes before I even knew what it was (it was one of those things where everyone talks about something as if you should know and I, for one, didn’t want to look stupid!). As I mentioned, Words with Friends is a lot of fun! I’ve always been a huge fan of board games and, basically, it is like playing Scrabble on Facebook! I recently discovered that you don’t even have to be friends with someone on Facebook to play with them — all you need to know if their handle and you can invite them to a game!

While playing Words with Friends means that you have to wait for another person to make a mood, I’ve also found myself wasting time playing a few other games that I’ve found to be really fun!

Candy Crush Saga levelsMy favourite? Candy Crush Saga! This game is a little bit of strategy, a little bit of persistence and a little bit of luck! You maneuver candy crush gamethrough different levels that get increasingly more difficult. Some involve playing a game where you line up certain pieces (it reminds me a LOT of Bejeweled) but there are other levels where the goal is to get a certain amount of points in a certain length of time or in a certain number of moves. There have been levels where I have been stuck and I was certain I was never going to move forward. That being said, I have managed to succeed and am now over Level 100!

bingo blitz buying cardsI also really enjoy Bingo. I’ve been a fan of Bingo for as long as I can remember but I’m too cheap frugal to actually go to “real” bingo! Bingo Blitz  is fun because, as you play, you collect tokens in the room and, once you’ve gathered all the tokens you get a Bingo Blitz Playing Bingoreward (sometimes it is a one-time gift of tokens, while other times it is the fact that you can collect a certain number of tokens each day). When you gather a certain amount of points, you can move to the next level and, at certain levels, you gain access to new rooms. And don’t even get me started on the slot machine portion of this game! Even when I don’t have time to play, I pop in and collect my tokens (you can collect them ever 23 hours) and then I’ve got lots to use when I have time to play. I don’t even want to estimate the number of hours I’ve spent playing this game over the past couple of year and I still love it!

Finally, I’ve found myself recently enjoying a game that I consider an old favourite! when I was in university I got a game called “You Don’t Know Jack” for my computer. It was so much fun! This game defies explanation – you really have to play to understand it! Now the same things that made me a fan years ago have engaged me again! The new version that you can play on Facebook is as funny as ever!

So, if you have a bit of time and want to find a free online game to play through Facebook, I would recommend any (or all!) of these! But don’t say I didn’t warn you — they truly are addictive!

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5 Responses to Facebook Time Wasters (Warning – they are addictive!)

  1. photomum says:

    I hear you!My daughter introduced me to “Cityville”and Farmville”about 2 years ago!I spent so much time wasted on these sites that I let my contesting go by the wayside!
    In jan I decided that i would get back into the contesting and coupon clipping ,so I am putting my timewasting to good use now!
    I had forgotten how much fun it is to enter a contest.

  2. Elva Robertse. says:

    April 11–Thank you for telling us about these facebook games. They sound like fun and certainly sound entertaining. I usually play solitaire or cell game that are both addictive as well. el03ro

  3. Soozle says:

    I used to play Petville and holy crap are those games addictive! They basically force you to play daily or something will perish/fall apart, etc…. WHIle I enjoyed playing, I just couldn’t spend that amount of time playing games daily!

    I now like to play Draw Something – I can at least play at my leisure 🙂

  4. Anne Taylor says:

    I’ve never played a facebook game before! I must admit though that the Words with Friends looks pretty fun! Thanks for the introduction!

  5. stacey dempsey says:

    I like the mahjong game , I am always oh I will play just one more lol

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