Storm Anyone?

I had heard a storm was coming Thursday and, when it didn’t arrive, I thought it was the weather version of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Snuggled tightly in bed on Thursday night, I had no idea what would appear by Friday morning….

Waking up to no power was not fun! After making sure multiple layers were the norm, I set out in search of some food that wouldn’t need to be cooked. I also didn’t want to open the fridge because who knew how long the power would be off?

Getting into the car itself was quite the chore! I wish I had a photo of the 2 inches of solid ice over the lock and the handle but, to be frank, I was too busy trying not to get soaked to the skin or blown away (good news….the weight I’m still working on losing did me a favour by keeping me on the ground!).

Driving through town was absolutely crazy – there were power lines down all over the place and a crazy number of broken trees. Crews were everywhere trying to get things fixed!

So I wanted to take some pictures to share how wild the storm was! I apologize for the quality of my photos – I took them with my iPod (you’ll notice my mirror in at least 1 photo as well – as much as I adore you all I wasn’t getting out the car for the most part!).

storm damage

ice storm damage

storm damage

broken tree

After returning home with food and drink, there was no way I was going out again until the storm subsided!

A few hours later, the power decided to come back on and bring with it all the amenities that we often take for granted (light, tv, internet, HEAT!).

I know people still talk about what they were doing during the blackout of 2003 (and I still remember too!) but I think people will be talking about the “ice storm of 2013” for years to come!

I hope that everyone has stayed safe and those without power will have return quickly!

(P.S. Fiscally Frugal Fridays will return next week — it was preempted by the ice storm!)

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7 Responses to Storm Anyone?

  1. Yikes, that is not good, are you in Ontario, Quebec or elsewhere? It is headed our way, I’m in southern NB and we have snowfall & ice warnings issued for overnight and I am crossing my fingers for rain. Hope all soon returns to normal for you!

  2. multitestingmommy says:

    Oh dear 😦

  3. Soozle says:

    Oh my gosh! That looks like one mother of a storm! Ice storms are a pretty nasty storm, from my experience!

    Glad to hear you were safe!

  4. Anne Taylor says:

    I can’t imagine weather like that in the dead of winter!! Living in Victoria, I’m very spoiled when it comes to harsh weather like that! Glad everything came back on for you!

  5. Elva Roberts. says:

    April 13–My sister lives in Ontario and she was not very pleased with the ice storm. She said it was a dismal day! We were warned on the Weather Network that we might get freezing rain last night but we were lucky to escape iit. It looks pretty on the trees but is very dangerous on the streets!el03ro

  6. stephy905 says:

    My neighborhood looked exactly like that. I didn’t sleep through all that noise.

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