Do you ever go second-hand shopping? Fiscally Frugal Friday

Until a few years ago, I had never really gone to second-hand stores. I’d browsed at a few here and there but it wasn’t a staple in my shopping options.

These days, I love checking out what I can find – though I also make sure I’m getting the best deals!

Between the town where I live and the closest urban centre, there are a lot of different options to choose from!

Locally, my favourite place to shop is Goodwill and you can find them all over (here is a list of Goodwill stores and their hours in Ontario). It’s also my favourite place to donate!

Another favourite is Salvation Army Thrift Stores.

And there are some tiny local charity shops as well — in at least 2 little towns that I travel through regularly I can find independent shops (mostly connected with various churches) in which I’ve found all kinds of weird and wonderful things!

There are also other options in larger cities, such as Talize, Value Village and St Vincent de Paul to name just a few.

The key, as I mentioned above, is to get the best value. Sometimes I find that items are a bit overpriced for a second-hand item compared to the deals I can find by scouring my local stores.

And, crazy as it sounds, be sure to check out sales at these shops!

Goodwill deals of the week

I had no idea, for example, that Goodwill Stores had weekly sales like the ones above until recently! Value Village also has sales and you can sign up for their newsletter!

Have fun — my favourite thing about second-hand stores are the unique items I can find and the great prices!

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4 Responses to Do you ever go second-hand shopping? Fiscally Frugal Friday

  1. Soozle says:

    I love ‘popping tags’ as they say these days 🙂

    My love of the Thrift shop (Value Village & Menonnite Central in my neck of the woods) has been with me for years – my bff and I used to shop in the retro section when we were younger for unique items. As an adult, I appreciate the bargains!

    I LOVE shopping for clothing and updating my wardrobe – if I can pay $10 for a hoodie verses the $60 brand new, why not.. I also love old school Pyrex and have scooped up some dishes for cheap.

    I have to say many people I know are mortified of going into a thrift shop – fear of bugs, or feeling like only ‘poor’ people should be in there… Silly !

  2. journeysofthezoo says:

    I head to my local thrift shop once a week, sometimes twice if they’re having a sale. Most of the kids clothes, crafts, toys, books, movies (the list goes on) are from there. Every week I take a bag with me to donate. Helps keep the house clean. I love that mine also runs a food bank so I know exactly what they’re spending my money on… food to feed my neighbours. Everyone wins.

  3. Elva Roberts. says:

    April 19-I think your are being fiscally responsible if you can buy items in good conditions in second hand shops. I knew a girl at work who dressed beautifully and found out later on(She told me) that she bought most of her clothes in a large city second hand shop. It really amazed me. I do some shopping but am too far away from really good ones.-el03ro

  4. stephy905 says:

    My mother likes browsing these stores but sometimes I find the prices crazy for second hand stuff. I find the same prices in the mall where I live.

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