Speedbump – Starting Strong Mondays

“I might be too strung out on compliments. Overdosed on confidence.” ~Drake (lyrics)

For the past 8 weeks I’ve felt myself consistently getting stronger and healthier through hard work and I’ve seen 8 weeks of consistent weight loss.

I’ve had loads of confidence and I’ve been feeling great.

Confidence is good — cockiness is not.

And I got cocky.

I celebrated 8 weeks of weight loss with one of my favourite meals — a very caloric sub followed by a decadent dessert with a Diet Coke chaser.  (Yes….in retrospect I do realize that celebrating weight loss by eating an enormous meal is INCREDIBLY counter-productive)

Having had this meal, I was still confident that I would work hard — well….maybe not as hard as I have been….but still kinda hard — and return to my strict meal plan — well…..maybe I’m sure I could veer off the path a bit because it wouldn’t matter that much, would it? — and I’d lose weight.

I mean….I’d lost weight for the past 8 weeks right?

expect delays road sign

I’m sure you can imagine how all of this ended! I stepped on the scale yesterday and was truly PO’ed to see I’d gained weight. How could that have happened?

But then I started truly looking at what I did….and didn’t do…all week and it was really crystal clear.

I’m all for flexibility but, at this stage with weight still to lose, it isn’t time to start playing fast and loose with what has been successful so far.

I have been celebrating the victories and will continue to do so — but it needs to be in a way that doesn’t involve food or shirking my workouts.

I’ve seen what will happen and I have learned from my mistake. And, by sharing it with you all, if I find myself veering off the path I know this post will still be here to remind me!

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3 Responses to Speedbump – Starting Strong Mondays

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    yep, I can relate. I had lost 70lbs at Christmas and have gained over half of it back as of today. Logically I can see what I’m doing, but can’t seem to get myself back into the groove. Its a cycle really and not a good one! I would always celebrate a good week with something terribly sweet and delicious which, as you say, is really silly isn’t it?

  2. Elva Roberts. says:

    April 23-Dear Maggie, Been there, done that. Many times, alas! I wonder if it is because all our celebrations include food? It must be a natural reflex within us to do as we usually do-celebrate with food! Cheer up. You are not alone. Keep up the good fight and we are slogging along beside you!–el03ro

  3. Soozle says:

    Oh, yes.. It is VERY easy to fall off track!

    I worked VERY hard to get myself bathing suit ready (or a reasonable facsimile there of heh) for a trip to Mexico last month… with the thought in my mind: “I am on holidays, I will eat what I please!”.. and that I did. While a lot of it was healthy – I had fallen off track with portion control, snacking.. Upon coming home I continued to eat poorly.. then came Easter with the chocolate goodness and family dinners…

    Long story short, I paid the price with a few gained pounds.. It’s been a struggle to get BACK on track.

    I haven’t found that good balance between treating myself and going overboard… It happens!

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