Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment – Reader Feedback and a Winner!

Schick Intuition Pure NourishmentA few weeks ago, I gave my readers a chance to try the new Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment.

Of those 15 readers, 11 shared their experiences and one has also won a $100 Visa gift card!

So what did they think of Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment? Have a look and see!

The first thing I noticed about the razor was its size. It’s much larger than my usual razor. It has a larger head surrounded by moisturizing bars of coconut milk and almond oil which smells wonderful. The handle is also much wider than my usual razor. I was pleased to see rubber grips on the razor to make it easy to hold onto while using in the shower. Despite the larger size of the razor, it fit comfortably in my hand. The razor had a skin moisturizing solid around the actual razor head which lathers up while shaving eliminating the need for soap or shave gel. The solid lathered really well and I was impressed at how smoothly the razor glided over my skin. I was a bit worried that due to this solid on the razor head I wouldn’t be able to get a close shave. I was surprized by how close of a shave I actually got. My legs feel soft and smooth and moisturized. I usually apply moisturizing lotion to my legs after shaving but didn’t feel the need to after using this razor. Overall, this razor is definitely worth a try and has earned a permanent place in my shower. The razor actually comes with a suction cup holder to hold the razor in the bathtub. This is a great feature so I’ll always be able to quickly locate my razor. ~Amy

The Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor is by far the best razor I’ve ever owned. First of all, it doesn’t even feel like your shaving even though it’s extremely close to your skin. It feels like your moisturizing (no need for lotion) and it smells very yummy. The best part is the feel of your skin afterwards, so incredibly smooth. This is a product I’m definitely going to stick with and recommend to anyone looking for a good razor. ~Stephanie

Your parcel arrived in the mail with perfect timing – my legs were badly in need of a shave, so I gladly ripped open the box & proceeded into the shower with my new Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor. Let me first say that I was delighted with the suction cup holder to stash this razor safely in my shower – what a smart idea and thoroughly appreciated, too. I also liked how the head pivoted – no owies here, especially with the lather built in. The handle is a comfortable fit for my hand as well & I even liked the colour of the shaver. The tan is a nice change from the girly pink ones. I found the scent appealing as well and was pleased with the smoothness of my legs afterward. Well done, Schick! Thank-you for letting me take your Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor for a test drive! ~Julie G.

It was like a spa experience. If I hadn’t experienced the comfort and ease of shaving with this Schick Razor, I would not have believed it! Kudos to the creative people at Schick who developed such an innovative and comfortable shave. Schick Intuition Razor also passed the ‘acid’ test. Putting on deodorant after shaving underarms always made for a ‘stinging’ sensation for a while.-Not after using this razor. After using this Schick razor, I am a fan for life. ~Elva R

I recently received the Schick pure nourishment razor for review and was very impressed with it. I loved the nice light scent of coconut and almond, And that it can with an extra blade. It lathered very well ,and I needed no extra soap or shaving cream to apply. It was a very smooth shave, I got not cuts or scrapes. After shaving it left my legs very smooth and moisturized. I will be buying this razor again and I will be recommended it to friends and family. ~Angie M

The Schick Intuition razor arrived at the PERFECT time – just prior to my week long vacay to Mexico! I NEVER take shaving cream on holidays where I fly due to TSA regulations of aerosols/space/fear of it exploding, so what more could I ask for than a razor with a built in shaving solid? I was a little unsure of how it would feel to use the razor as it IS a little bulky, BUT I found it was not a concern. I was able to get a close shave and did not endure a single nick – it very much lives up to it’s claim of following your body’s contours. I am also one who tends to suffer from sensitive skin – I didn’t find any concerns with the shaving solid being irritating. In fact, I am sure it probably helped to prevent irritation from shaving in general. The wall holder was also VERY handy for storage. Price wise, it MAY be a tad too expensive to use year round, but it is VERY much going to be a MUST have for travel for me! ~Suzie

I received my new Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor and I find it gives me a very close shave and leaves my underarms and legs smooth. I am also not itchy after because it is so moisturizing. I would definitely give it a 10 for a rating. ~Cheryl

Thank you very much for the opportunity to try out this razor. I have had the opportunity to use it a few times and must say that it seems better than other types I have tried. I really like the built in moisturizer strip – it saves the need for shaving gel and it does leave your skin feeling smooth after. I have only used it a few times now so I am not sure how long the moisturizing strip lasts though. It is easy to use and doesn’t miss spots – I didn’t have to go over an area more than once. The only negatives I can see is the size – it is larger than most razors (but smaller than a razor and shaving gel can needed with other razors), and I find that it is hard to get the hair out of the blades. I had to bang it quite hard on the side of the tub to loosen up the hair. ~Angie B

I have tried it out and overall, I love this razor. The size of this razor is a bit bigger than the other ones that I used so it won’t be fitting in my usual cosmetic bag that I bring with me when I travel. However, I really love the handle with soft grips so that when shaving while I am in the shower, it’s more comfortable. I love the pivot head design too so that it goes smoothly wtih the curve of the my legs and that means that I can get the job done more quickly! It smell good and I like that I don’t need to apply shaving cream using this razor (this helps to shorten the time to get the job done too!). ~Precilla

I received the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor and I love the scent! Coconut is one of my favourite scents. I love how I don’t have to use a shaving cream, just wet the razor and go. It is great for using in the shower where most of my shaving cream runs off before I am done. It saves so much time! I was able to shave my legs without any nicks, cuts or irritations. My usually very dry skin felt great afterwards and I didn’t have to rush to apply a moisturizer. I love that it includes an extra blade and a hanger. Overall, I am very satisfied with the razor and would recommend it to anyone! ~Brenda

Bliss could describe the feeling after using the Schick Intuition Razor I received. I love the smell of Coconut and this was a true experience. Pure nourishment also covers the skin feeling after use and is a good description. I like the ‘no need’ for shave gel. Do make sure you have your skin and the razor wet as this works so much better and the wetness activates the Coconut milk and Almond oil for skin conditioning. The 4 blades give an excellent shave – close and hair free. ~Robyn

Each entry was assigned a number based on when I received it (e.g. the first review I received was marked #1 and so on).

And the winner of the $100 Visa Gift Card is………..

(wait for it….)

(wait for it…..)

#3 – Julie G!

Congrats Julie! I will be emailing you shortly to confirm your prize!

Thanks to everyone who tried out the razor — I’m glad that you enjoyed the experience as much as I have!

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3 Responses to Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment – Reader Feedback and a Winner!

  1. gibberish (Julie G.) says:

    Whoopie! Just read this great news here. Thanks sooo much, this Visa GC will be a wonderful addition to my wallet on our next vacation!

  2. Elva Roberts says:

    April 26- Thank you for publishing most of the reviews in your post today. The replies are very interesting and everyone was very pleased with the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment and eith good reason. congratulations to the winner. Her review was very thoughtful and thorough.-el03ro

  3. andie says:

    Amazing – thanks. Actually, my just teen daughter tried this out too. She really liked it because it was easy to use, less worry about cutting yourself and it had the nourishing cream/soap attachment that made it silky, smooth and hassle-free. We both thought it was awesome. My daughter wants to get this product the next time she needs one. We were both impressed.

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