Swap & Drop Diet Cookbook (G!veaway – Canada)

Over the years, I tried more diets than I could imagine. I tried eliminating things, adding other things, cutting back, choosing days I could eat certain things, counting points, eating special soup…… I could pretty much go on for years about this! And, as I’ve mentioned before, at one time I did lose a substantial amount of weight but, in retrospect, I did it using means that I could never maintain. So, while I lost the weight, I eventually found myself putting a lot of it back on.

In the past 16 monthes I’ve found ways to change my eating and lifestyle which has allowed me to lose well over 50 pounds. One tool I’ve used is the Swap&Drop Diet because it has provided me with numerous tips to help me in my journey.

And, as I mentioned when I originally shared the Swap&Drop Diet book, one of my favourite parts of the book were the recipes.

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So, when I learned that Best Health had released a new Swap & Drop Diet Cookbook, I couldn’t wait to see what new recipes I would be able to try!

According to Best Health, It’s simple. You can swap fat for flavour. This amazing new Swap & Drop Diet Cookbook is based on the revolutionary Swap & Drop Diet’s guiding principle: enjoy what you eat. Over 160 healthy, savoury dishes with clear and simple instructions and a convenient calorie count for each tantalizing recipe. You’ll find delectable breakfasts, scrumptious lunches, delicious appetizers and dinners – all packed with amazing flavours! Includes nutritional information that allows you to accurately monitor your fat, calorie, fibre, and protein intake.

I like that each section of recipes also comes with some great tips about how to cut calories without sacrificing taste. In the breakfast recipes section, for example, there are some great ideas including using a hand blender to whip margarine and add air, because you will use less (I’d never thought of this before!) as well as how to make a lower calorie breakfast sandwich (like the Easy, Healthy and Inexpensive Breakfast Sandwich recipe that I shared last year!). If you are a fan of Greek-style yogurt, they even give you the step to make your own!

And, like the Swap & Drop Diet book, the Cookbook also provides suggests of items you can get at fast food chains that you can swap for other, higher calorie items at the same restaurant. It makes eating on the fly easier (because, much as a I hate to say it, sometimes you have to eat on the run!).

I’ve also had a chance to try some of the recipes and have already developed a few favourites!

My absolute favourite so far is the Tarragon Chicken Salad which weighs in at only 273 calories per serving! It is closely followed by the Aromatic Beef Curry (with only 318 calories per serving) and Mexican Toastadas (with 329 calories per serving).

Swap&Drop Diet Cookbook

And, when the next cold snap hits (which, at this rate, will be sooner rather than later!), I’m going to try making the Chicken & Fresh Corn Chowder — it has only 357 calories per serving and sounds decadent! And homemade Pizza Pockets with only 183 calories per serving? Awesome!!!!

If that wasn’t cool enough, there are even a whole series of Appetizer recipes. I’ve been avoid going to parties because I get nervous and find myself snacking instead. Now I know I can bring my own Cherry Tomatoes with Pesto Cream Cheese or Smoked Turkey & Apricot Bites and I’ll still be able to eat and chat without taking in a crazy number of calories!

And desserts! Yes….I did say desserts! While I enjoy fruit, I appreciate being able to indulge in sweet and flavourful desserts without stressing over calories. My favourites? Fig bars (to feed my love of cookies!), Cream Cheese Raspberry Brownies (with only 117 calories each – yes, you read that right!) and Velvety Beet Brownies (you won’t believe there are beets in these!!!).

If I could change one thing, I would suggest that all of the condiment recipes have calorie content attached to them. I love the sound of many of the Salad Dressings that appear in the Lighter Fare section but I have no idea how many calories they have so I have shyed away from them until I have the time to work out the calories on my own.

I’ve put the Swap&Drop Diet Cookbook in my preferred cookbook pile – right at the top! I’m so happy to have easy to prepare, healthy recipes that taste great!

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