My tea has never tasted better thanks to T-fal!

In the past few monthes I’ve run into a couple of challenges that have made both my weight loss and my money saving goals really difficult.

A few monthes ago I gave up artificial sweetener. I know that sounds easy but I found coffee tastes incredibly bitter to me (even with natural brown sugar added to it).

So I decided to start drinking more tea. In theory it sounded like a good idea — I figured all I would have to do is find some teas that I really enjoyed and then it would just mean replacing tea for coffee.

The problem, I quickly discovered, is that my tea never tasted quite right. I often found that my tea had a really bitter taste to it (which, as I’ve mentioned, is not a taste I enjoy!). I even tried buying tea from a large chain where I often bought the same tea already brewed and it still tasted weird. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was but it made switching to tea incredibly challenging (which, in turn, made my healthy living plans a real challenge because I found myself wishing I had artificial sweetener to take away the bitterness!).

Because I couldn’t figure out how to make my tea taste good, I found myself buying tea that was already brewed from a large chain. The tea tasted great, but I found I was taking a real hit financially! At $2.00 per tea (and sometimes 2 teas a day), I was spending between $14 and $28 a WEEK on tea. Not very fiscally responsible I have to say!

Tfal ThermoVision kettle

I was complaining to a friend when she explained that most teas reach their optimum flavour when they were steeped at an optimum temperature. Given that my cheap kettle had 2 settings (On and Off), I had no idea at what temperature I was brewing my tea!

Then I tried the T-fal Thermovision and quickly realized that it has everything I’ve been looking for!

Temperature Programming

The first thing I noticed (after I was done oooohhhhing and aaahhhhhing over the brushed stainless steel and the sleek design) was the fact that I could program the kettle to a variety of different temperatures. Sometimes I want the temperature to be over 200 degrees (especially when I’m making various loose teas) while other times I only want it to be at 165 or 175 degrees (like when I’m making gravy). I love the fact that I can program the kettle to reach one of the specific preset temperatures.

Visual ThermometerI also loved the fact that, as the temperature of the water in the kettle was increasing, the a colour inside the kettle would changed. Known as the visual thermo indicator, the internal illumination changes from blue (lowest temperatures) to red thermovision(highest temperature) so that I can easily monitor the boiling process. Not only that, but the T-fal Thermovision also has a keep warm function for an additional 30 minutes which is brilliant for me — if I finish my first tea of the morning in record time (which I often do!), I can quickly brew another one to take with me to work.



I also like that the kettle is cordless – the kettle comes off the base easily (because it has a 360 degree base) and is compact, which allows it to sit on my kitchen counter, which has limited space, without getting in the way.

There are also a lot of safety features that are perfect for someone like me (translation: someone who can be forgetful and clumsy!). It has an auto off & boil dry protection which is perfect as I have to admit that I’ve forgotten and let a kettle boil dry in the past! In terms of safety, it also has a concealed element, an easy pour spout, an easy to open lid and a stay-cool handle for added safety. Just remember not to touch the body of the kettle after it has boiled because it is hot to the touch!

Have spent a few weeks using the T-fal Thermovision, I find myself wondering why I never considered it sooner! To be honest, I looked at the Thermovision and thought that it wasn’t worth the money — and I’m going to be the first to admit I was WRONG! I only wish I’d gotten a Thermovision kettle sooner because it would have made my life easier and my tea more mellow and suited perfectly to my liking!

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6 Responses to My tea has never tasted better thanks to T-fal!

  1. Soozle says:

    VERY cool! What a cool kettle!

    I am with you – I don’t own a quality kettle so my tea often doesn’t taste like it should…

    Good for you on giving up artificial sweetners! That is something I haven’t fully been able to do.. I am using a lot more honey and Truvia, but still use some of the other ones like Splenda… It’s hard!

  2. Elva Roberts says:

    APRIL 30-
    When you become a serious tea drinker(like me), you become very attuned to the taste of lack of it thereof. You become very interested (obsessed?) with obtaining the right taste for you. I had to change my brand of many years because the company changed the taste. Thankfully, i found one that suits me to a T. Your T-Fal Thermovision sounds wonderful. I may scope one out. As ever. el03ro

  3. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    That is a very cool looking kettle. Tea is sooo good for you. I’m more of a coffee drinker but every now and then, I enjoy a cup of tea.

  4. mapleleafmommy says:

    Oh that sounds awesome! The keep it warm function is brilliant. I so need one of these.

  5. Heidi C. says:

    My MIL just bought me one of these and I agree – it is fabulous. Goodbye old tea kettle!

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