Stylish Mode Brings High Fashion to HairBands!

I’m wondering if I’m starting to have a midlife crisis because I’ve been drawn to a lot of my favourite things from my teen years.

Shoes? I got myself some Converse, which I loved as a teen and still love today (I even tried to win an auction for a Swatch, but I had no luck!).

I love the fact that some things from my teenage years have never gone out of style! If you look at my Grade 10 student card (I still have all of my student cards — it’s very fun to look back at them!), you can see that I have a very 80s bob with waves — a cute style though not one I’d wear today. And in my hair? Yep…I have a hairband. In that photo my hairband has a bandanna look to it.

That’s when my affair with hairbands started and it didn’t end there! One of my favourite accessories has continued to be with fun and funky hairbands! I don’t know where I picked up the name, but my soft jersey hairbands I can often be found wearing are (to me anyway) Annie bands. Why? I have no idea — I’m going to have to look that one up because I know it’s just the name I have called them for years!

As you can imagine, given my passion for hairbands, I was pretty excited when I heard about Stylish Mode.

stylish mode logo

Stylish Mode is more than just a shop for accessories – it is both Canadian – as it is located in Vancouver, BC – (YEAH Canada!) and it is obviously a labour of love! As the owner, Rebecca, write on her About Stylish Mode page: I’m crazy about pretty fabrics, colors and prints. As a child I was sewing mini purses for my dolls, which later developed into making all kinds of clothes, fashion accessories and home decor for myself and friends. After years of wrapping scarves around my head to hold my hair back, I began to search for wide headbands in the stores. However, I could only find poorly made headbands that didn’t fit my head properly, so I decided to design and create my own! This eventually led me to starting Stylish Mode in 2007. Personally, I love the fact that Rebecca took an idea and turned it into a business — which 6 years later is still going strong!

As I was channeling my inner bandita (do you like that? I just made that up myself but I think it’s a great descriptor of my love for hairbands!), I had the chance to try out a few different Stylish Mode bands.

2 inch black fabric headbandTwo of the headbands had a similar design – the Deep Black Basic 2 inch Headband and the 3 Inch Purple Squares Print Wide Headband. What I liked about both of these bands was the design. 3 inch fashion hairbandThey had reinforced stitching, which is perfect for me as I tend to beat and batter my hair accessories, and because there is no plastic or hard inserts in the bands, they are both soft and flexible. As well, both of these bands are designed with soft elastic at the base (which sit at the base of my neck) which allows the band to stretch and fit a wide variety of head sizes. I tend to have a larger head, which can be an issue with some bands, but this elasticized portion meant that wearing these bands was no problem!

The quality of the fabric was also apparent. The Deep Black headband is a great option when I’m at the gym or looking for a basic to dress up or dress down, while the Purple Squares Print is incredibly cute! I’ve worn it with a t-shirt and jeans but I’ve also used to give a pop of colour when I’m wearing a neutral top and skirt at work. They are very versatile!

gray-white-tie-back-headbandAnd, for something totally different, I fell in love with the Stretchy Tie Back Scarf Headband – EXTRA LONG in Gray, Black and White. While the fabric is described as featuring random black leopard / cheetah spots, large funky, retro paisleys, and white lacey designs, it doesn’t do this fabric justice! grey black white headbandBecause these designs are all meshed together, the result is a very cool design that is well-integrated. What I love about this headband is it’s diversity. I’ve worn it turban-style (with the ends tucked underneath) as well as with long tails down the back. Miss Nine has developed an interest in this headband as well, though she also likes wearing it in a way that I wouldn’t — she describes it as “Ninja-style”!

I’m really impressed by the quality of these hairbands as well as the diversity in sizes, colours and styles. I also found that the prices are really competitive — a trio of bands like these cost about $30 and the fact that I can use them in so many different ways makes it money well spent! And, if you choose to buy $50 worth of products, you will have them shipped for FREE!

If you love hairbands as much as I do, make sure you check out Stylish Mode!

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2 Responses to Stylish Mode Brings High Fashion to HairBands!

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    May 2- I love your review of Stylish Mode Hairbands. This woman saw a need and created the product for herself and then began making them for others. I think they are much better that the narrow ones you usually see. Little girls and babies are wearing very pretty headbands.-time for Moms to have them as well!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    We always have a bunch of hairbands in our house. We are mostly women and we all have longer thick hair so they come in super handy any time you need a quick hair style!

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