Spring is FINALLY here! @ArdenCanada #EASpring2013

As many of you may have noticed, I talk a lot about being frugal.

That being said, there are some things that I’m willing to spend money on because, realistically, you do get what you pay for!

One of these things are my makeup and skincare products. For many years I didn’t want to spend money on these things — I said I didn’t care what I looked like but realistically it was part of my lack of self-confidence.

Now I know when I look in the mirror that I look good, but I want to look even better! For the few minutes it takes to put on some makeup (I particularly like to accent my eyes) makes a huge difference both in how I look and – more importantly – how I feel!

elizabeth arden logo

To that end, I have found that I am really impressed by Elizabeth Arden’s New York in Bloom collection !

New York in Bloom Nail Lacquer DuoI was absolutely awe-struck by the Purple New York in Bloom Nail Lacquer Duo! First off, the shade is beautiful — I love bling but I found this matte colour to have an elegant appeal to it and, if I wanted to bring out the shine, I could apply the gel-like top coat. Not only did the colour appeal but the practical side of my personality appreciated the fact that the duo design means less space on my packed bathroom counter. As well, I found that Nail Lacquer Duo provided me with 2 things that made me a convert. One, I was able to apply a single coat only and didn’t need to apply a second coat – perfect for me because I don’t have a lot of patience when I’m painting my nails! Two, this lacquer dried faster than any polish I’ve ever owned in my life! Given the fact that long drying time generally translates to me getting impatient and trying to do things – leading to smudged nails – that is no longer an issue. Praise be!

And to compliment my gorgeous (and no-fuss!) nails I’m greeting spring with amazing eyes too thanks to New York in Bloom Eye Shadow Trio and Bold Eye Pencils!

Isn't the case cute? I love it!

Isn’t the case cute? I love it!

The Violet Bloom Eye Shade Trio and Bold Eye Pencils are perfect for me because I can mix and match the Violet Bloom Trio and the Terra Eye Pencil for a more subtle daytime look then change up my eyeliner with the Teal Eye Pencil for more a dramatic look when I get out on the town (which isn’t often but now I want to go out more!). I like the fact that the shadows go on smoothly and the eye pencils are soft from first use (something I haven’t always found with eyeliners!) and that they come with their own sharpeners which is really handy!New York in Bloom Bold Eye Pencil

Now that I’ve tried Elizabeth Arden’s Nail Lacquer Duo, Eye Shade Trio and Bold Eye Pencils I know that I’ll be picking up some Elizabeth Arden makeup when I want to brighten up my summer look and swing into fall because I’m really impressed!

New York in Bloom Spring/Summer 2013 Color Collection will be available for a limited time beginning March 2013, at all Elizabeth Arden counters nationally.

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3 Responses to Spring is FINALLY here! @ArdenCanada #EASpring2013

  1. Soozle says:

    I partly agree and party disagree with you – I LOVE M.A.C cosmetics (especially the powders) but I also use drugstore brands like Covergirl.. I have tried highend mascaras that (in my opinion) were no better than my usual Loreal…

    I just really think go with what makes you feel beautiful – no matter the price!

  2. Elva Roberts says:

    May 9-We all want to think our favourite makeup helps us to look our best. If Elizabeth Arden doss that for you, good for them! The name is a reputable one. We all have our favourite brands for different areas of our makeup and thanks be that no one size fits all!-el03ro

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