Hi-Tec Zuuk Bungee Lace-Up Shoes are Perfect for Moms on the Go!

These days I feel like my feet are permanently encased in shoes! Between work, working out and running around town, I’ve discovered that I need special shoes because my feet need loving too — they are the ones I’ve got!

With Mother’s Day fast approaching (you’d better remember your mom!) , I’ve recently discovered some shoes that I think any mother on the move would love!

Hi-Tec logo

Developed by Hi-Tec, Hi-Tec Zuuk shoes are developed specifically for people like me whose life seems to be one ongoing adventure!

There are a lot of features about these shoes that make them appealing to me, including:

  • deconstructed, man-made mesh upper for cool, breathable comfort;
  • supportive Ortholite insoles;
  • cushiony midsole and outsole;
  • bungee lace closure with lock;
  • super cute look (hey, I swore I’d be honest here!);
  • while also being incredibly lightweight (166 grams!).

And how do they wear? Wonderfully!


It took me a minute to put them on when I first wore them because I’d never had shoes with bungee lace closures (a feature that I now adore because I have a habit of taking off my running shoes without undoing the laces anyway!). Once I got them on, I felt like they were hugging my feet (no joke!) because they fit so well and were immediately so comfortable!

Hi-Tec Zuuk shoes

Giving my feet a big hug!

Since I first wore them, the Zuuk shoes have been on my feet all the time. I especially enjoy wearing them when I get home from running around at work all day or giving my feet a beating at the gym! They are the perfect shoes for running errands, going out for walks (especially now that the beautiful weather has finally arrived!) and basically enjoying life!

Hi-Tec Zuuk shoes can be found at stores nationwide, including Sears, Mark’s Work Wearhouse and numerous specialty sport and shoes stores.

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3 Responses to Hi-Tec Zuuk Bungee Lace-Up Shoes are Perfect for Moms on the Go!

  1. Soozle says:

    These are very cute 🙂

    I spend 80% of my day on my feet between work, the gym and home – so i really rely on a good shoe! I will have to check these out at Marks
    Thx for sharing!

  2. Shirley says:

    They are comfy but not ugly!

  3. Heidi C. says:

    These look so funky! I need a comfy shoe so I am going to definitely check these out!

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