Pure Via Offers a Sweet Alternative (G!veaway – Canada)

When it comes to my healthy living and weight loss journey, I’ve come to realize over the past year and a half that I’m not trying to make temporary changes so I can hit a magic number — instead, I am making changes that I plan to keep with me for a lifetime.

One change I have been making is that I have eliminated the artificial sweeteners I’ve been using for more years than I can count! The challenge I found myself facing, however, was that I wanted to find a sweetner that I could use that would not be high in calories but wasn’t artificially developed.

I’ve known about Stevia for many years. About 20 years ago, I had a friend who was into naturopathy and natural food alternatives (he was SO ahead of his time!) who raised concerns about the artificial sweeteners I was using and he suggested I try Stevia as a natural alternative. I have to admit that I tried liquid Stevia back then and I didn’t particularly like it so I stopped using it and never gave it another thought.

pure via stevia logoThat is, until I was recently introduced to Pure Via Stevia. Pure Via Stevia’s process is unique as you can tell from the infographic below.

How Stevia is Made Infographic

While I knew theoretically that it could provide me with a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners, I was concerned about how it would taste as I had tried a popular natural alternative before and didn’t like it at all.

I quickly learned, however, that Pure Via Stevia has a variety of different products that addressed different tastes.

Pure Via Stevia has zero calories and one gram of carbohydrates per serving. Pure Via Stevia provides a naturally sourced alternative to sugar that can provide an additional sweetening choice to diabetics. Each 1 gram packet of Pure Via Stevia sweetens like two teaspoons of sugar and can be used in both hot and cold beverages.

Pure Via Stevia Granulated features a coarse texture which Pure Via Steviamakes it an alternative to sugar for cooking and baking. It measures cup for cup like sugar and can replace the use of sugar in most recipes. Pure Via Stevia Granulated also contains zero calories with less than 0.5 grams of carbohydrates per 1 teaspoon.

Pure Via Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar and Stevia Blend is a Pure Via Turbinado Cane Sugar and Stevia Blendturbinado raw cane sugar and stevia blend that contains naturally sourced ingredients and can be used in beverages and desserts. This blend, made from the pure sweet extract of the stevia plant and turbinado raw cane sugar, which comes from the first press of raw cane sugar, creates a golden brown sweetener with a great crunch. Each packet sweetens like 1 tsp. of sugar and contains 5 calories.

I tried both the Pure Via Stevia and the Pure Via Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar and Stevia Blend in tea to see how they compared. While I liked the taste of both, the Turbinado/Stevia Blend was the one that I preferred — I really liked the crunchy texture of the Turbinado/Stevia Blend.

I also tried my hand at baking with Pure Via Stevia and I made a batch of Melt in Your Mouth Vanilla Cookies. I changed the recipe slightly, swapping out the packets Pure Via sweetener used to sprinkle on the top of the warm cookies with a few packets of Pure Via Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar and Stevia Blend. The cookies turned out really well and everyone agreed that they tasted great!

Overall, I’m really impressed with Pure Via Stevia and it is now a staple in my kitchen!

Pure Via gift basket

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