Take Your Google Reader Feeds with You (and find me on Bloglovin)!

I woke up this morning feeling stressed!

I realized that I hadn’t done anything to move my Google Reader Feeds!


tech confusionLuckily, when I clicked over to my Google Reader, I found my feeds were still there but, as the message said, it is going to be retired today.

Time to get started!

The first thing I did was read the Google Reader migration instructions.

It told me to go to Google Takeaway (with a clickable link) in order to download all of my information.

I downloaded the info and the first step was done — no matter what I wasn’t going to lose my feeds. I placed the .zip file on my computer and I knew that no matter what I did, or if I find that I don’t like the reader that I choose, all my data is now backed up and I can keep it until I’ve decided I adore my new reader.

The next question: where to migrate them to? (All of this makes me feel like a flock of geese, but that’s beside the point I guess!)

Had a look at the options that were available and decided I wanted to move my feeds over to Bloglovin’ and it promised to let me upload my feeds with only one click!

A blogger friend suggested I follow this tutorial and it was a snap!

Once I logged in, I was able to literally click a button and my feeds were directly transferred from the Google Reader.

I also added the Bloglovin’ Extension which puts an icon at the top of my browser which will tell me when one of my feeds has been updated.

So far I’m really liking Bloglovin’! One thing to note though — not all of my feeds did transfer automatically — I had to search out some of my favourite blogs to ensure I was still following them, though they were easy to locate through the search feature.

And looking for me? Don’t forget I’m also easy to follow through:

I feel so much better! And I’m excited because I can download a few app at iTunes AND Google Play so I can download apps for both my iPod AND my Kobo and I won’t miss a thing! SWEET!

And if you don’t love Bloglovin’?
Another Canadian blogger outlined the issues extremely well a few monthes back (too bad I didn’t actually use what I learned from her until now – DUH!) and she provides some other great alternatives. You can check out her blog post here.

What do you use to read the posts from your favourite blogs?

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9 Responses to Take Your Google Reader Feeds with You (and find me on Bloglovin)!

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    I merged everything from Google Reader over to Bloglovin a few weeks ago and I LOVE it! Its very easy to keep track of blogs that I frequent, Canadian Blogs, etc.

  2. Soozle says:

    I’m glad to hear your transition went smoothly – it sounds like a stressful process!

    I truthfully loved GFC, which I know is not as popular anymore.. IT was nice to be able to log into blogger and see a list of all the blogs which had new posts up so I knew to stop by…

    I’ve recently joined Bloglovin and it’s pretty good so far – probably one of the better ones!

    Happy Canada day!

  3. Heidi C. says:

    I am more used to Bloglovin than GFC as I am a late-comer to blog reading so I am ok with the switchover. Love the “confused” key in the pic above though!

  4. I have a hard time when change comes about. I have a small OCD side to me that growls at change. I do adjust eventually lol.

  5. nenasinclair says:

    I wish they would have left Google Reader, it still seemed to be used a lot.

  6. So glad you got everything sorted out in time! I knew how important it was and did it early so I wouldn’t be stressin out like you did lol 🙂 Thanks for the link back! Much appreciated xo

  7. Elva Roberts says:

    July 6-Thank you for the tip on moving ourGoogle Reader feeds. I am having a hard time just signing up for Bloglovin. I forgot my passwork(My fault, did not write it down) and when I request a new one, the captcha keeps repeating over and over, even though I had it right the first time-honest. So now I am in a quandry!el03ro

  8. bloggerkampret says:

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    Thanks 😀

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