Love HexBugs? Try Tagamoto Toy Cars as they are truly kids cars !

Tagamoto is a set of interactive battery operated toy cars using the same sensor technology as the wildly popular toy HexBugs.

Instead of bugs, Tagamoto cars react to interchangeable sticker codes that are stuck onto a racetrack. And these are truly kids cars!

race car tracks, toy cars

Setting It Up

Assembly of the track was very straightforward and our 4 year old found it very easy to snap the track pieces together.

She got excited coming up with new track designs and sometimes had leftover pieces. Tagamoto sets are very flexible that way.

A word of warning – the code stickers and those for road signs are quite small and requires a bit of patience to apply.

To turn the car on, simply hold the “on” button on the bottom of the vehicle for several seconds.

3 Ways to Play

Roads and Codes: Tagamoto car is placed on the track and reacts to codes. This was our family’s favourite.

Off Road: Press and hold the “on” button and the car will drive on its own.

Free Roll: Turn the car off and snap down the front wheels for non motorized play time.

Four Thumbs Up!

Both kids, 4 and 1, loved the Tagamoto Road City Set for different reasons.

My 1 year old son was fascinated by the different sounds the car made and was constantly trying to imitate what he heard.

My 4 year old daughter loved watching how the car would respond as it drove over the codes – crashing, speeding up, flashing lights on and off, breaking down and getting repaired.

toy box, toy boxes

Get ready to Code the Road!

Tagamoto is a Mastermind Canadian Exclusive! You can buy complete sets, extra batteries and individual cars in store and online.

Tagamoto sets are fun for kids of all ages and encourages them to get creative and use their imagination.

~Cheryl is a Canadian mom of 2 who writes a family travel blog called The blog focuses on family travel in North America and the Caribbean and covers a range of topics including Disney with kids, hotel and attraction reviews, cruising, delicious food finds and travel gear product reviews. Cheryl’s goal is to encourage parents to get out there and travel with their kids – across the globe or in their own backyard – while not losing their mind or their money!

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5 Responses to Love HexBugs? Try Tagamoto Toy Cars as they are truly kids cars !

  1. stephy905 says:

    This looks like a very cool toy. I wanna play!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    These look like a blast and I know that my grandkids, neices and nephews would love them!

  3. hmrcarlson says:

    I thought that these toys were for older kids but I am happy to see my kids who are 3 would enjoy them!

  4. Elva Roberts says:

    July 11-Thank you for telling us about these Tagomoto cars. I had not known about them. Sounds like a toy my ggsons would love!el03ro

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