What do Paula Deen and a Big Brother House Mate Have in Common?

Let me start by saying this — I think Paula Deen’s comments about race are horrible!  I also think what one particular Big Brother house mate said is just as bad! I can’t believe in 2013 that people can make racist comments and gay slurs and think that is okay!!! That being said, there is one element that is completely different about the fallout of these incidents and it has me baffled….

paula deen, paula deen paula deen, elmoA couple of weeks ago I picked up a copy of People Magazine to discover that Paula Deen has gotten herself in a world trouble with her words and actions that are considered racist.

Though I am really surprised that the source of this information was the National Enquirer (Are you kidding me!?! I have trouble taking on the National Enquirer as a “news source”), the story broke and people were angry (rightly so!).

Since that time, Paula has had some serious problems stemming from these comments – the comments have now been verified by the court transcript where she was testifying when she admitted to making racial slurs and suggesting things that were incredibly inappropriate.

People have reacted strongly to this issue and Paula is paying a hefty price, both in the media and with her pocketbook! She has lost a number of endorsements and realistically, given the situation, her subsequent response may mean that she has to pay for her comments for years to come.

Sorry Paula, but the reaction you are getting I totally understand!

But then I read about the recent events on Big Brother. Aaryn, one of the ‘house guests’ has made some blatant racist and gay slurs to and about others in the house! When I heard clips of the comments she had made, I was disgusted! How ignorant can she be? (The answer is really ignorant apparently as the comments seen on the 24 feeds are even worse!)

Big Brother  logoAnd, sadly, she’s not alone. If you believe recent reports, Ginamarie has also been fired from her day job outside the Big Brother house because she was also caught on tape making racial and gay slurs about other contestants!

Holy crap!

I’m sure that CBS is taking action against these house guests (who do achieve a certain amount of notoriety from their experiences on the show), right?

Nope! According to a reports, CBS released a statement that includes the following: We certainly find the statements made by several of the house guests on the live Internet feed to be offensive. CBS then goes on to say that these opinions don’t represent the opinions of CBS (which reminds me of the disclaimer I’ve heard before on Canadian television, but never in this particular context!).

And that’s it.

Very, very odd to me – particularly since another ‘house guest’ on Big Brother UK was sent packing because of the racist comment she made to a fellow houseguest. Hmmmm…..
I just want to make sure I get this straight….

Paula Deen makes racist comments and the reaction is swift from both the public and her sponsors showing that they believe what she was wrong. Yep – makes sense to me.

The ‘house guests’ on Big Brother , on the other hand, make racist comments and gay slurs multiple times and CBS doesn’t take any action? (Even though, only a few years ago, a house guest who made a racist comment on Big Brother UK was removed from the show – which I think is the right move to make!)

I can tell you that I’m not watching Big Brother anymore.

I am disgusted with the entire situation.

But I am also baffled. Am I the only one that thinks it is nuts that these girls are Big Brother are still in that house????

And if I missed something, please let me know!

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4 Responses to What do Paula Deen and a Big Brother House Mate Have in Common?

  1. mrsbubsmith says:

    To be honest I’m still watching Big Brother and am fine with that bc I don’t think they are glorifying the situation. They put up a disclaimer and are showing these women for who they really are… The price they will pay in their real lives after the game is worse than getting booted from the show.
    It boggles my mind that anyone thinks there’s a difference between any 2 people just bc of skin color. Ridiculous. Their families must be so embarrassed. 😦

    As a gamer I think anyone should take Aaryn or Ginamarie to the end of the game, bc neither would earn a single vote at this point.

  2. jacobsbeloved says:

    Ratings. This kind of media attention is likely increasing their viewership more than decreasing it. Removing that many players from the house would also shorten the season considerably. Big Brother is all about the scandal, too, at least in the U.S. They could also be rationalizing that America can just vote for someone else as MVP. In Paula Deen’s situation, the Food Network wants the image of a classy establishment – and Paula would be a severe mark against that.

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    Jjuly 20-I rarely watch either Paula Deen or Big Brother. we should never think that people of any race are superior or inferior is you believe God made us in His Image. Many people think Homosexuality is wrong on Religious grounds. Even so, a Christian must still treat these people with respect and courtesy.-el03ro

  4. Soozle says:

    I’m afraid to say, as horrific as the comments the BB guests made – CBS is not taking action immediately as it is gathering them NEW viewers, getting the show talked about and making waves.. so basically, it is benefitting them.

    It’s these horrible people who are going to have to go out into the ‘real world’ after and live with the consequences of their disgusting words! I’m floored in this day and age there are STILL people out there who are that ignorant.

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