A Beautiful Body Epiphany – Developing a Healthy Body Image (Female Body Image)

It’s been a really tough few monthes in terms of trying to break through a plateau I have hit. I could blame it on my metabolism (which is pretty slow for sure!) but realistically most of it is due to the choices I make. Action or inaction – there can be repercussions. That being said, I recently had a realization – I need to develop a healthy body image and recognize that there is a body image weight connection and I do have a beautiful body! Basically, I need a positive female body image!

female body image, healthy body imageThe realization came when I was looking in the mirror and all I could see was my midsection, which definitely is a work in progress! As with the last time I lost weight, I found the first place I put it on is also the last place it will come off. As I looked at myself, I realized that I truly couldn’t tell if I had lost weight or gained weight or stay the same. I’d grown to despise this area of my body so much that I couldn’t tell anymore!

Then suddenly I looked down at my legs and realized that they are really toned now. And my arms – they look really strong and I have developed some muscle tone that I’ve never before in my life!

So what is the end result? An epiphany for me. I am still working to a goal that will make me healthier (as carrying weight on the midsection – according to many many studies – is not healthy) but I also need to celebrate my victories! I am beautiful – I may not appreciate all parts of my body but I have some that I think ROCK and they need to be celebrated!

By the way, for those of you who also struggle with your weight and body image, you may appreciate this article Say No to Size Zero because I think it provides food for thought!

Have a look — what part of your body is the most beautiful? (We all have something!)

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5 Responses to A Beautiful Body Epiphany – Developing a Healthy Body Image (Female Body Image)

  1. Soozle says:

    Self-esteem and body issue are very much something I struggle with..

    As a young child, I was over-weight (I was on steroid medication for asthma and that promoted some serious weight gain) and teased.. as a teen I thinned out, but the damage from cruel kids have meant I have never been 100% comfortable in my own skin…

    As I age, I am growing MORE confident.. but I am not sure I will ever be able to look in the mirror and NOT be critical about some part of my body… Breaking myself from that negative (and damaging) mind set is a work in progress and very much something I will probably always have to be mindful of!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    Thank you for this; I really can relate. The most beautiful part of my body? My first reaction was to say nothing; but I feel that my nose is a beautiful nose. (weird huh lol)

  3. caryn s says:

    That is the key to love yourself and be at peace with your body image is a hard thing to learn as i have been overweight my whole live and eating my feelings as a way of coping!

  4. Elva Roberts says:

    August 5-I think my eyes and face are the best part of my body.-Because I smile easily and often and people really like to be included in a smile. Thank you for sharing. The most important asset children can be given is a positive self-image from parents, teachers and other persons. This is the foundation for self-acceptance and love.-el03ro

  5. stephy905 says:

    I love the way you think. A lot of women need to focus on their favorite parts, rather then their least favorite. Confidence is the biggest step of all, no matter the battle.

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