Schick Hydro Silk Disposables- The Results are In (and the Visa winner!)

20 readers had the chance to try out the new Schick Hydro Silk Disposables —– and they had lots of interesting things to say! Of those 20, 16 shared their thoughts which you can read below!

“First of all, I would like to thank schick for giving me this wonderful opportunity to test out this razor. It did a great job of making my legs feel smooth and hair free. When I first got the razor I assumed it wouldn’t be too much different than other disposables. Well I tried this and I have to say, it works just as good as my regular schick hydro silk razor. It gave me a nice close shave, which is always what I look for in a razor. The handle was nice and comfortable to hold in my hand as well. I rate this product a 10 out of 10. Thank you Schick!” ~Sydney

“I have been holding off my shaving in anticipation of trying out this razor. I did use body wash as I wasn’t sure if this one didn’t require soap just like my Intuition. To test it, I did not go over any area twice. That didn’t matter as one pass proved to be enough, except for one hair which I noticed after coming out of the shower. I didn’t feel like putting body wash on again and I just used the razor as it and it worked too! I’m very happy with it.” ~Shirley

“I found that the Schick Hydro Silk disposables are the perfect razor to free your skin while travelling or when a disposable type razor is preferred. They hydrated and kept my skin silky smooth with their water activated moisturizing serum. I am happy to report that the unique skin gaurds on the curve sensing blades helped protect my skin from nicks while still providing incredible closeness. Thank you for the real opportunity to sample and review them. Shavers have sure come a long way from old skool days!” ~Birgit

“The first thing I noticed about this razor was the rubber grips on the handle. It made for a great non-slip surface while using it in the shower. I liked the moisturizing beads on the razor that were released as I shaved. It eliminated the need for shaving gel but I do wonder how many shaves I can get with the moisturizing beads before they dry up. The razor glided smoothly up and down my legs and caught all of the hair leaving me with silky, smooth legs. I was really impressed by the job of this razor! I did feel the need to moisturize my legs after shaving as they felt a little dry. Overall, this is a great disposable razor and much better than the disposable razors I have tried with only one or two blades. The five blades of this razor allowed for a close, comfortable shave. I would definitely recommend this product to others.” ~Amy Mizen

“I really loved the Schick Hydro Silk disposable razor. I only have positive things to say about it. I used to use the Venus one and buy cartridges and I stopped and started buying the cheapie disposables but they always cut me like crazy. This is a nice disposable and left my legs feeling super smooth without cuts.” ~Melissa

“I really liked this razor. I hadn’t yet tried a 5-blade razor – I am now glad that I did. I wasn’t sure that the extra blade would make much of a difference but I can affirm that my legs are definitely smoother due to the extra blade. In addition to my legs ending up super smooth, the actual experience of shaving was smooth and it almost felt as if I wasn’t actually shaving. I am very impressed with this razor. The only aspect that I didn’t like 100% was the flexibility of the handle, I would prefer that it be more rigid. Final Marks — 4.5/5 – Oh so smooth!” ~Maggie

“I was so happy to review the Schick Hydro Silk Razor. As soon as I opened the package I knew that it was shaped perfectly for the natural curve of the inside of my hand and had a natural spot where your finger would go to hold the razor in place! The shave was extremely close with no nicks, cuts or razor burns! I found that the movement of the razor head enabled me to shave around my knees and ankles with ease. I was able to easily grip the razor which is important to me because I have arthritis in my hands. My legs felt really smooth after using this razor which was a pleasant surprise, that I very much appreciate! I also like that it came with its own razor guard! I don’t know of many disposable razors that have one and with my grandkids running around this is a great safety measure! I feel that this is a top of the line disposable razor and I won’t hesitate to puchase them in the future!” ~Anne Taylor

“I have to say it – I hate shaving. I have thick hair and sensitive skin and therefore there is lots of bleeding spots and a dry feeling after shave. While that hasn’t change much with Schick Hydro Silk, at least the process itself was much more pleasant. The head glides smoothly and more controlled. And I almost didn’t feel it against my skin. My biggest praise though goes to the handle. Before I took it out of the packaging I thought “what a complicated shape for the disposables”. Then when it was in my hands I realized that it’s very well thought, every detail of it is functional and ergonomic. I absolutely loved it!” ~Irina

“First off, I really liked how light this razor was. Then I tried it, and liked it even more! I usually have problems with nicks around my ankles, but not with the Schick Hydro Silk Disposable. I got a really close shave, leaving my legs silky smooth for days – this one’s a keeper! Thanks for the opportunity to try it out.” ~Francine F

“It definitely shaves closer than any electric or battery operated shaver that I have ever used. It also shaves a lot better than a lot of the disposables that I have tried. The added moisturizing serum makes it unique and doesn’t seem irritate as much or leave your legs as dry as other shavers. The soft the ergonomic handle also makes it easier to handle.” ~Gizele

“I received Schick Hydro Silk and loved it from first use. It has a delicate handle that follows your hand shape, that way the razor is easy to use. Schick Hydro Silk does great job in shaving my legs and underarms, I think that close set up make the razor work more on hair and less on irritating your skin leaving it smooth and silky. I recommend this razor to every lady, now is summer time and to enjoy it fully just add this essential piece of beauty to your life.” ~Fan

“I thought this razor shaved really well. It shaves super-close and my skin felt so smooth afterwards. When I first used it, I didn’t even know if it was actually shaving because it felt so light and easy to move. But it was! I liked the handle — it was comfortable and easy to hold on to. It feels light to hold and it moves easily around awkward-to-shave areas like knees. I’ll definitely keep using it.” ~Jennifer L.

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to try out and review the new Schick Hydro Silk Disposables razor. I am very impressed with this razor. Since I’ve started using the razor I’ve found that my legs have never been smoother and softer. I love the fact that it gives me such a close shave, it leaves the skin on my legs feeling very nourished and moisturized. I really like that the handle is nice and small, it’s very comfortable to hold and not at all awkward like some of the bigger razors on the market. I’m also happy that I haven’t once had a cut, scrape or razor burn from this razor, it’s great! I will most definitely continue using this razor and would not hesitate to recommend it to my family and friends!” ~Lyndsay Cyr

“I have used this razor on my legs, it actually worked out really well. It did shave really close to my legs and I think it might probably as a result of the 5 blades design. I did not feel any irritation or burning sensation after shaving and the area that I shaved did feel really smooth. I simply use water on one leg while I was shaving and it worked out pretty well (and I think it is really good since I can save money on shaving gel). Overall, I am really satisfied with the result.” ~Precilla

” I recently got to review the Schick hydro silk disposable razor and loved it. When I first opened the package the first thing I took notice was that it did not look like a typical disposable razor. It was very comfortable to hold and had a good grip. It was a very smooth shave with no cuts or scratches. I loved this product and will be buying and recommending to friends and family.” ~Angie M

“I thought the razor worked quite well. I liked how it had the gel on it which made for a smoother shave. I didn’t have to press down hard or go over areas several times. It was easy to use and overall a very good disposable razor. I would definitely use it again.” ~Elaine

Each entry was assigned a number based on when I received it (e.g. the first review I received was marked #1 and so on).

And the winner of the $100 Visa Gift Card is #13 – Lyndsay Cyr

Congratulations Lyndsay and thanks to everyone that shared their thoughts on Schick Hydro Silk Disposables!

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