Verbatim Card Readers (aka my experiences with an SD Card reader)

While I know I’m incredibly tech savvy in some areas, there are other areas where I know that I fall down! As I’ve mentioned before, at Christmas I received a beautiful digital camera and, with it, an SD card. Now getting this card was fine and I figured out how to put it in my camera but, when the time came to actually access my photos, I realized that I could either pull out my poor old netbook (much as I love it!) because it has a built in SD card reader, or find something to allow me to read my SD card on my older-model desktop. So I headed to my local Staples and picked up a Verbatim card reader from among the card readers available.

card reader, sd cardWhat drew me to the Verbatim card reader? I like the fact that this card reader will read more than SD cards (because you never know what technology you might pick up!). It was also incredibly easy to install — I simply plugged it into a USB port and popped in my SD card and it opened up my photos straight away!

Verbatim SD card reader

I also like the size and design of the Verbatim card reader. It’s smaller than a deck of cards and its compact size allows it to sit beside my mouse and remain out of the way until I need it. That is a great asset to me as I always seem to have cords and cables in my way!

verbatims, card reader, SD cardI’m really impressed with the Verbatim card reader. I know I made a great choice!

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2 Responses to Verbatim Card Readers (aka my experiences with an SD Card reader)

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    Well, I am obviously out of the tech loop because I’ve never heard of this before lol I feel elderly 😦

  2. Elva Roberts says:

    August 20-i have no idea of what you are talking about. I have a Digital Camera with a memory card . I can plug it into my computer and have my pictures appear; or I take my memory card to a drugstore and choose the pictures i want developed and it takes only a few minutes. Hats off to a real techie like you!-el03ro

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