Crossing Lines brings the Hague to TV (and comes to CBC!) – Television Reviews

This summer has actually been relatively reasonable in terms of summer viewing though I haven’t been doing many television reviews of tv episodes I’ve been watching. I have enjoyed the fact that some networks brought back shows that were cancelled to let them run their course (scary as it is, I’ve actually become a fan of Do No Harm but that’s another story!). In addition, some new programs have been launched with mixed results. One great hit though – I believe – is the new series Crossing Lines which brings The Hague to prime time tv.

When I heard the premise of this series I was automatically interested. IMDb describes the series as A special crime unit investigates serialized crimes that cross over European borders and to hunt down criminals to bring them to justice. A global FBI is born. This description doesn’t even begin to do this series justice! The series revolves around a hand-picked group of individuals with police backgrounds worldwide who work for The Hague’s International Criminal Court.

Crossing LinesFirst off, there are some excellent actors who are new to me, though when I learned more about them I discovered that they are well-regarded in their home countries. Marc Lavoine, a French actor who plays Louis Daniel for example, has been acting in French language films primarily since 1981! Tom Wlaschiha, a German actor who plays Sebastian Berger , has been acting in a diverse series of movies and programs (I’m guessing partially because he is multi-lingual) and will be recognized by many people for his recurring role in the series Game of Thrones.

In addition, there are some very familiar faces as two of the actors on the front lines of this series are ones that I adore! The first one is William Fichtner — while his name might not be familiar, as soon as I saw him I recognized him as Alex Mahone from Prison Break (I also learned that he was in Entourage but I have to admit that I haven’t seen that series – don’t judge – I only have so many hours to watch tv!). And the second actor? A Canadian legend! Donald Sutherland! He has been in so many television series as well as more movies than I can count! And a new generation of people have learned about him through is role as President Snow in The Hunger Games (and if you didn’t know – he’s also Kiefer Sutherland’s dad!).

Add to this mix some relatively new actors including Irish actor Richard Flood (who plays Tommy McConnel and is incredibly cute!) and the series has a truly diverse group!

This series is unlike many because there are numerous subplots running through the episodes so you have to pay attention or you’ll miss something! I love it because it makes me think and the show is incredibly engaging.

Did you miss seeing Crossing Lines on NBC this summer? Don’t fret! Crossing Lines is going to be joining the CBC lineup (though the day and time have yet to be announced) so you will be able to check out this incredible series for yourself!

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3 Responses to Crossing Lines brings the Hague to TV (and comes to CBC!) – Television Reviews

  1. Anne Taylor says:

    This show has mixed reactions in our house! My husband swears by it and I can’t stand it lol I keep watching it and have an open mind because I do love Donald Sutherland, but, it hasn’t got me yet. I’ll keep watching though! (mainly because my husband insists lol)

  2. Fan R says:

    I’d rather leave this to my hubby to watch, he loves all these investigation stories. Lots of stars in just one show, amazing!

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    Auguist 29-Happy to read your review of ‘Crossing LInes.’–Sounds like it may be a winner and it’s will be on the Fall lineup. Can’t wait to see it1-el03ro

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