O.co Makes Travelling Easier!

This summer, despite a lot of bumps, I knew I could look forward to something I hadn’t done in years. We planned a huge trip and I traveled on a plane for the first time in more than 5 years! While planning the trip, I learned that so many things have changed. Choosing the right travel bag has always been an issue but I found there are now incredibly tight specifications regarding the dimensions of travel bags as well as their weight. And you don’t want to go over — the cost of extra large or extra heavy bags is absolutely ridiculous!

So the task became finding the right size bag while not sacrificing quality along the way. My thought? Check out O.co!


(Isn’t this Jenni Chan Multi-Stripes bag adorable?)

When I had a look, I couldn’t believe how many beautiful options there were available! I had to admit, while the practicality of a bag is important to me, I also want it to be cute!


But you know what really caught my eye? The Beverly Hills Country Club Classic 21-inch Spinner Suitcase! I like the size of the case and the colours are pretty great too!

Utilizing this case on holidays, I found it to be durable! I also learned that the wheels work well, as I was often racing around the airport and the it kept up with me with absolutely no problems!

O.co proved to me again that it not only sells an amazingly diverse set of products (really, I think there is something there for everyone!) but the products they sell are also high quality!

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