Fall TV Guide (Part 1)

I recently figured out that I can truly gauge how busy my life is by one key thing — when it is September and I haven’t even investigated the Fall tv schedule of new programs, I have been too busy!

I couldn’t take it anymore and decided I wanted to carve out some time to find out what is new this season, which shows need to be programmed on my PVR and what shows are going to be a miss for me. And, since I was snooping for myself, I thought I’d share them with you too!

And, as I started going through all of the new shows, I realized that there are so many new shows that I need more than one post to share them with you!

I thought it made sense to start with the shows that I’m truly not sure about!

For Me, The Jury is Still Out on Some Shows

Bad Teacher, a series based on the movie, is something I will watch a few times to see how it develops. I thought the movie was quite funny but I’m not sure how the premise is going to translate into a weekly series. Will appear midseason on CBS at a date and time TBD

Believe is another series that I just haven’t wrapped my head around. Described by TV Guide as a series where “An unlikely relationship develops between a young girl (Johnny Sequoyah) with a gift and a man (Jake McLaughlin) sprung from prison who has been tasked with protecting her from the evildoers who covet her power.” I just don’t know if this show will be excellent or annoying. I’ll let you know! Will appear midseason on NBC at a date and time TBD

Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Gellar

I also discovered that CBS is launching a new sitcom called The Crazy Ones which will star Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar as father and daughter. This show has some potential (Robin Williams is SO funny but is also incredibly diverse) but I’m just not sure if this show will be great or terrible. Only time will tell! Premiers on CBS on Thursday Sep 26 @ 9:00 PM

DraculaI’m still not sure what the new series Dracula will yield. It sounds like it is loosely based on the novel (very loosely!) and includes a romance. It also stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers (from The Tudors) who, quite bluntly, is very yummy. Just knowing he is the star is enough for me to give this show a shot. Premiers on NBC on Friday Oct 25 @ 10:00PM

The Michael J. Fox Show has left me scratching my head and waiting to see if the premise of this show will make it a hit or a miss. I adore Michael J. Fox — from his time on Family Ties and Spin City to his amazing recurring role on The Good Wife, Fox is versatile and engaging! That being said, the show’s premise (Fox is “a former New York news anchor who goes back to work but still manages to find time to drive his wife and three kids crazy”) sounds like a snoozefest so I’ll have to wait and see. Premiers Thursday Sep 26 @ 9:30 PM on NBC

ABC’s Mind Games sounds like it has some potential. From it’s description it sounds a bit like Lie to Me (without the facial expression aspect) and it one of it’s stars is Christian Slater — who is just tres adorable! I’m hoping lasts longer than Slater’s last foray into TV drama — personally I loved My Own Worst Enemy but it didn’t have a long life as a series! Will appear midseason on ABC at a date and time TBD

NBC’s The Night Shift . Described as “Think M*A*S*H-meets-ER.” I think this show has some potential but could end up being great or truly craptastic! I’m going to give it a shot! Will appear midseason on NBC at a date and time TBD

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is arriving on ABC this fall amongst a lot of hype! Personally, while I absolutely adore Once Upon a Time, I’m leery about this spinoff (I also heard that Sebastian Stan won’t be playing the Mad Hatter which is a huge loss to this series right off the bat!). It is definitely on my “wait and see” list. Premiers Thursday Oct 10 @ 8 PM on ABC

Greg Kinnear

Fox’s new series, Rake, truly has me baffled. I really enjoy Greg Kinnear – who is the star of the series – and the premise sounds interesting. Described as “brilliant, charming defense attorney whose biggest challenges all exist outside the courtroom — money owed to the IRS and a bookie, overlapping affairs, a cranky kid and his exhausted ex-wife” this show sounds like a cross between House and my favourite British comedy New Tricks. The only thing that has me worried is the fact that is the US interpretation of an Australian series. History tells me that when a show comes from Australia or the UK, the US version never does it justice. I guess I’ll have to wait and see! Will appear midseason on Fox at a date and time TBD

Sean Hayes
Sean Saves the World is a huge question mark in my mind. The premise sounds pretty overdone (single dad dealing with his teen daughter and job) but I absolutely love Sean Hayes (think Will & Grace people!). I want this show to succeed and I’m going to give it a shot, even though I think it is going to, sadly, sink quickly! Premiers Thurday Oct 3 @ PM on NBC

Sleepy Hollow is coming out on Fox this season and it sounds like Grimm (for its gruesome aspect) meets Once Upon a Time (for its eclectic fairy tale elements) meets Fringe. Since I like all of those shows I’m willing to give it a chance! Premiers Monday Sep 16 @ 9 PM on Fox

As I worked to put together the premiers of these shows, I found it interesting that most of them are mid-season replacements. Perhaps I’m not the only one who isn’t sure about some of these shows?

Tune in later this week for my Shows to Skip, For Sure Shows and Welcome Back programs!

What new shows are you looking forward to watching?

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3 Responses to Fall TV Guide (Part 1)

  1. paydra says:

    I am looking forward to new seasons of The Vampire Diaries, Drop Dead Diva and Lost Girl.

  2. Soozle says:

    I am really looking forward to my favorites returning (Survivor, Grey’s, Big Bang) and to see if some of the new shows are hits – I have seen previews for a few; Trophy Wife & The Goldbergs that look like they MIGHT be funny (more so The Goldbergs – almost a That 70s Show feel) and worth watching! THough I am QUITE sad for summer to be ending, I am happy for the return of some great tv shows!

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    September 11-I am looking forward to Gray’s Anatomy, and to a new series in Canada-Storage wars Canada. Thank you for giving us such a heads up on the new ones, most of which will be later on in the year. el03ro

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