Crocs Bring Flair and Fashion Together

My sister-in-law is a waitress and is on her feet for hours on end. Crocs Springi FlatThe other day we were talking about the pain she gets from being on her feet and she told me that she’d finally found a pair of shoes that were the only ones she could wear at work because they were so comfortable. And those shoes? Crocs of course! Then she made a comment that made me laugh! She told me that she had no idea that Crocs made dressy shoes until she ran across the shoes she bought. The reason it made me laugh was because I had run into the same thing and now I wish I’d know because they make incredibly comfortable dress shoes!

It’s hard for me to find heels of any type because I always feel like I’m falling off heels when I try to wear them (and the last time I wedge heels, heels, crocswore them I actually twisted my ankle!).

Then I tried Croc’s Women’s A-Leigh Linen Wedge. I love the look of the linen and the massage-pod footbed because they make me feel like I’m getting a little foot massage as I walk. What I love the most is the 2 ¾-inch jute-wrapped wedge heel! It is absolutely perfect because I can walk on these heels with no problem and they are incredibly comfortable — more comfortable than I’d ever imagined as I never thought I’d call any type of heels “comfortable”! And, if you are like me and love a great deal — these shoes are now on sale for $34.99! I think I might have to pick up a pair of oat/chai to tuck away for next spring!

Now that I know comfortable Crocs heels truly are, I have been checking out their fall line and I think I’ve found some winners with the new Women’s A-Leigh Wedge Leather which is very similar to the Linen Wedge that I love AND the Women’s A-leigh Closed-toe Wedge. I just can’t wait to add these to my fall/winter wardrobe!
Thanks to Crocs for showing me that heels can be comfortable!

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One Response to Crocs Bring Flair and Fashion Together

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    October 14-Until I read the above post, I thought of ‘Crocs’ as the shoes that children were wearing the past few years. I really did not know that there was any other kind of crocs!–Once again, I have learned something new from your blog. Thank you.el03ro

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