Coronation Street has a Hidden Gem (especially if you are Canadian or American!)

“If they’re not real, no one will understand” ~Tony Warren (creator of Coronation Street)

So I have this little “thing” (read – huge thing) about Coronation Street. I was introduced to the series about 15 years ago and I’ve been glued to my television ever since!
While I’m excited that we in Canada have almost caught up with the UK in terms of episodes – pretty amazing considering we were more than a year behind not that long ago – I get bummed out when I discover that there are Coronation Street specials made and aired in the UK that never see the light of day in Canada!

Coronation Street logo, Corrie

I recently heard about the 2010 made for TV movie called The Road to Coronation Street. After searching high and low, I found this hidden treasure on Youtube.

I really enjoyed a number of things about this program, including some great quotes, including a funny reference to Canada:

“This is a woman who’s buried children, watched her man beg for work and still gets down on her knees every night to pray” ~ Ena Sharples

“I don’t know how they carry on in Canada but in England no one picks up the phone after 10 o’clock!” ~Mrs. Warren

This program also made me proud to be Canadian. I discovered that if it wasn’t for 1 Canadian, 1 Brit and a tea lady, Coronation Street would never have existed!

It has also renewed my desire to visit Manchester and see the set of Coronation Street (I’ve heard they don’t have public tours but I’m hoping like heck that changes!)
I would highly recommend watching this movie if you are an avid Coronation Street fan like myself!

(And, as a total aside, one of the coolest things about this movie? William Roache (aka Ken Barlowe on Coronation Street) is played by his own son James Roache. It definitely explained how they could look so much alike!)

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4 Responses to Coronation Street has a Hidden Gem (especially if you are Canadian or American!)

  1. Doris Calvert says:

    One of my favorite shows and I am stoked you found the you tube video. Been watching for about 20 years!

  2. Florence C says:

    My husband and I don’t miss it. We record it if think we may miss it. Thank you for sharing the video

  3. thomas rusinak says:

    I cannot getcornet note that begins thier theme song out of my head! Whaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  4. Elva Roberts says:

    October 16-Thank you for giving us more information about Coronation Street. I love this show and have watched it for years. The last place I worked, two of the guys loved the Street too, and we would talk about the show at lunch or break. Other friends thought we were discussing real people and would be so annoyed when they found out we were talking about ‘Corrie.’- We didn’t care. We were avid fans!–el03ro

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