Scandal Season 2

I am getting really revved up with the start of the new Fall season — I’ve been setting my PVR like crazy! Among the series that I’ve been setting is one of my guilty little secrets. I am crazy-excited about the launch of Scandal Season 3! The reason I consider it a secret is that most people who know me are aware that I’m not thrilled by romance anything — books, movies, tv series or drama — and I like shows that reflect more on real life. That being said, Scandal flies in the face of all that I normally like thanks to Olivia Pope and I LOVE it!


With the first episode already hot to be watched on my PVR, I was excited to watch Scandal Season 2 again as it was recently launched on DVD. First off, I think Kerry Washington (who plays Olivia Pope) is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood today! And I appreciate the premise — it involves a lot of intrigue, scandal (what a shocker right?) and the quintessential love triangle. Throw in some shootings, a presidency, a conspiracy and trained killers and you’ve got Scandal in a nutshell!

There are also some great bonus features including a close look at President Grant’s assassination attempt, an expose on Huck (who I think is the most colourful character of all!) as well as an extended finale that really add to the Scandal experience!

Season 2 built on the tension and relationships that were introduced in Season 1. While Olivia Pope and her associates continue to work in the market of dealing with celebrity scandals, the various characters find themselves embroiled in their own scandals. It’s that balance, along with the fact that many of the storylines are so incredibly unrealistic but still manage to drag me in, that makes Scandal such a spectacular series.

So whether you are a new viewer of Scandal (in which case I’d recommend you get Scandal Season 1 as well as Season 2) or you are a fan that loves the thought of reliving the amazing second season, Scandal Season 2 is now available on DVD and Blu-ray — don’t miss it!

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