Beauty and Serenity in Ben Miller

Have you ever been to the Stratford Festival? I must admit that I’m a fan! I’ve been going to the Festival since I was a kid – I have some great memories of going to the Festival when I was in high school and I’ve seen many productions since then (one of my favourites was The Diary of Anne Frank). I know that tens of thousands of people visit Stratford each year, but I wonder if people realize the beauty that lies so close in Huron County. For me, nothing compares to the serenity and beauty to be found in Ben Miller!

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to visit the Ben Miller Inn & Spa and, even though I wasn’t interested in photography at the time, the Inn and surrounding area was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but snap some photos!

I recently ran across these photos and wanted to share them. If you live anywhere near Ben Miller, or you are traveling to Perth or Huron County, I’d highly recommend you stop and visit this hidden gem!

ben miller

ben miller, tourism, spa, Canada

Ben Miller, Ontario Canada, tourism

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2 Responses to Beauty and Serenity in Ben Miller

  1. Julie G. says:

    Glad you enjoyed visiting Benmiller. It is a beautiful spot, just ten minutes from my home.
    The hiking trails in the area are also quite nice to explore.

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    Really great photos! I’ve never been and actually have never heard of Ben Miller before; but now I have and I know that its a lovely spot! Thanks for sharing!

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