How to Avoid Ironing

[As someone who avoids using an iron like the plague, I was keen to hear Cheryl’s ideas on how deal with wrinkles!] 

I’m ok with wrinkles.I’m not referring to the on the face kind but rather the on the clothes kind.Ironing is not relaxing. It takes out some wrinkles but never all.

Maybe it’s my iron or maybe it’s me. Unless I’m forced to (ie. attending a special event like a wedding or office party), I avoid ironing at all costs.


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Jump in the Shower

If you have a shirt, skirt, or pants that have a few wrinkles, hang it in the bathrrom while you’re taking a hot shower. The steam will release the wrinkles.

I’ve tried this several times it works.

Don’t Be Lazy with Laundry

As soon as you’re done washing and drying clothes, fold them or hang them right away.

Easier said than done in a busy household but this is a definite must if you want to keep ironing to a minimum.

This was the case with the shirt in the pic above. I let it sit in the dryer overnight.

I was unsuccessful after thirty minutes of ironing (I kid you not) and ended up going out in that shirt anyway!

That’s how OK I am with wrinkles.  😉

Don’t overload the washer or dryer either. The more items that are packed into the washing machine or dryer means less space for them to move causing wrinkles to forms.

Buy a Wrinkle Release Spray

There are many wrinkle release sprays on the market. You simply spray it on your clothing, smooth out the wrinkles with your hands, let it air dry for a few minutes and presto! You’re ready to head out the door.

Do you find ironing relaxing or do you embrace and celebrate wrinkles like I do? 

What are your tips and tricks to keep the amount of ironing you do each week to a minimum?

Cheryl is a Canadian mom that blogs about the good life with little ones over at Along Came Kids.

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4 Responses to How to Avoid Ironing

  1. Soozle says:

    Great tips! I embrace a wrinkle (only in my clothing though) hah 🙂

  2. nenasinclair says:

    I also hate ironing! Despise it, really! I’ve used the same methods you mentioned to avoid ironing. I also have a steamer, but I don’t use that very often, either! If I forget my clothes in the dryer, I will dampen them again, just a bit, and put them back in the dryer for a short period of time.

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    I, too, avoid ironing like the plague; in fact I don’t remember the last time I did iron. I grew up with my mom ironing everything, ikncluding sheets and my dad’s underwear. Omg, I couldn’t do it! Thanks for the tips!

  4. Elva Roberts says:

    November 16-I must confess that I do like ironing -most of the time, except for Men’s shirts. I find, that in the winter, when I have to use my dryer, taking the clothes out promptly reduces the clothes that need to be ironed. Even tho I do not really dislike ironing, I consider that every piece of clothing I do not have to iron is a small VICTORY-am I sending mixed messages here?!-el03ro

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