Disney’s The Little Mermaid – Part of Our World!

My sister-in-law spent Thanksgiving Day laughing at me. I was talking about the fact that The Little Mermaid had been released by Disney on Blu-ray for the first time and how much I’ve always loved this film. I don’t think she probably would have laughed about that, but when I started singing ~Part of Your World~ she burst into a fit of giggles and said she couldn’t believe that I knew all of the words by heart!

~Up where they walk, up where they run/ Up where they stay all day in the sun/ Wanderin’ free – wish I could be/ Part of that world.~

And I do. But that’s with good reason. Why? Because The Little Mermaid is frickin’ AWESOME!

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Now that Disney has released it on Blu-ray, I was excited to share it with the girls. Miss Nine has seen the movie before, but it was Little One’s first time. She’s been a fan of Ariel for a long time but she didn’t know it — like a lot of little girls, she’s a fan of the Disney Princesses and Ariel is one of them.

Since we were all feeling a bit yukky (and I didn’t want to venture out in the rain – I’m not a fan of this wet fall weather) we settled on a Saturday and watched The Little Mermaid together. I discovered that Miss Nine adores Sebastian (and with good reason – he’s one cool crab!) while I’m pretty partial to Flounder (he’s just a cute fish!) and Little One was — no surprised — mesmerized by Ariel.

If you don’t know the story of The Little Mermaid, Ariel is a mermaid who wants desperately to be human (and it certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s seen a handsome prince!). While her father doesn’t want her to pursue life above water, a nasty sea witch named Ursula makes a deal with Ariel. Little One was a bit scared of Ursula — which makes sense as she is one ugly sea witch — but she got over it quickly as she got more and more into the movie. How do things end for Ariel? I’m not telling you — you have to watch the film!

What I liked was the fact that there are some very cool extras. Carly Rae Jepsen singing ~Part of Your World~ was cool (and it gave me a chance to sing along again!) and the Crab-E-OKE Sing Along feature was hilarious!

Having watched a LOT of tv this year, and seen more movies than I can count, I can say without hesitation that seeing The Little Mermaid on Blu-ray has been my favourite viewing moment of 2013! This Disney film has stood the test of time and is a movie for all ages!

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2 Responses to Disney’s The Little Mermaid – Part of Our World!

  1. Soozle says:

    It IS an awesome movie! 🙂 ENjoy the release!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    This takes me back to when my girls were all little. My eldest must have watched this hundreds of times! She used to draw different scenes as well! Great movie!

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