Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps (G!veaway-Canada)

I realized a couple of years ago that the one place my diet was sorely lacking was in relation to my consumption of fruit. It was somewhat bizarre, actually, because I love things that are sweet, but I found myself making terrible choices and eating things that were chock full of sugar and completely unnatural.

When I decided to start making healthier choices, one of the first things I did was began adding fruit to my diet. I have found at times, however, that I still struggle. Sometimes it is because I haven’t picked up enough fruit when I’m out shopping (as the girls love fruit and will eat it like crazy) while other times I haven’t packaged up the fruit as well as I should and when I get to work I discovered my poor banana is squished or I’ve battered the heck out of my apple!

So when I first discovered Brothers All-Natural Freeze-Dried Fruit Crisps I wasn’t sure what I was going to think about them. As a kid, my mom had a lot of allergies so she’d often make us natural yogurt and dried fruits but they were always a bit rubbery and had a weird consistency when she left the skins on them (sorry Mom!). As a result, I wasn’t sure what I’d think of the texture or taste of the Fruit Crisps. But I was blown away by what I discovered! These Fruit Crisps were, for lack of a better term, amazing!

Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps

Fruit Crisps come in 5 different flavours:
-Apple Cinnamon
-Strawberry Banana

basket of apples
I tried the Apple and Apple Cinnamon varieties first and the taste was spot-on — Fuji apples are one of my favourites and it was simply eating an apple in another form! And I liked the freeze-dried texture. The fruit had a crumbly consistency to it so I found I could bite into it like a chip or simply sit it on my tongue and feel it rehydrate. The textural aspect was incredibly cool! I also found myself enjoying them right down to the last crumb — which I thought was just me until I shared them with a co-worker and she had the same reaction – she said, “They really are good to the last crumb, aren’t they?” and she was right!

I also tried the Pineapple, Pear and Strawberry Banana flavours. I found that the pear was very similar to the apple flavours in terms of its texture and the fruit was simply yummy! It is obvious that they use the highest quality products! Strawberry Banana was interesting because I’ve always like banana chips so I loved this combination and the pineapple is great when I want a true hit of natural sweetness — and it is definitely less likely to leak juice into my lunch than the pineapple I’ve tried carrying to work before!
I love these Fruit Crisps so much, in fact, that I have a confession. While I think they’d be a hit with the girls (especially with the adorable Disney packaging on some of the flavours!), I’ve been hiding them so I can keep them all to myself!

With 2 servings of fruit in each individual bag and calories ranging from 35-60 calories per package, they are also helping me stay true to my healthy lifestyle choices!

Giveaway: Three (3) readers from Canada (excluding Quebec) will each win a 1 month supply of Brothers Fruit Crisps!

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