A Pumpkin, Waste Management and an Intriguing Test #GLADGruesome

Growing up, my parents believed strongly in waste management so one of the things we always did was compost. My dad had a silver container with a lid that sat beside the sink and we knew 2 things were inevitable: we’d have to open it (which was smelly!) and put in our leftovers for compost and we’d have to take it out and put it in the composter. The second job didn’t have the same smell as the first but I still have memories of standing in snow up to my thighs because it was my turn to empty the composter! As a result (I will insert an apology in advance here) while I am the Queen of Recycling, I’ve always avoided composting. The thought of such a smelly container in the kitchen just makes me cringe.

That’s why I was interested in trying out the new GLAD OdourGuard compostable bags with Febreze . I would have bet big money that I’d try it, hate it and say, “SEE YA!” to the concept of composting after this challenge.

pumpkin carvingFor me this was a double challenge. I never get excited about painting eggs, carving pumpkin or any other creative endeavour because -frankly-I stink at it! But I rose to the challenge, got a pumpkin and attempted to carve it. Yes, the word is “attempted” because there was what I can only describe as a pumpkin tragedy! I ended up breaking the pumpkin and my aspirations to become a successful pumpkin carver was dashed! I ended up giving the pumpkin to my mom so she could make pumpkin bread while the pumpkin innards went into the composter inside of a GLAD OdourGuard compostable bags with Febreze.

recycling, compostI put in my pumpkin remains, as well as some other fruits and vegetables and let it sit in the composter for 4 days. Then, when I opened the container, I found a true surprise – it actually worked! ! There was no smell coming out of the composter (thank goodness because I might have had a flashback if it had!), the bag provided a strong barrier so there was no leakage and there was no condensation on the lid. It really worked better than I ever could have imagined!

I’m now a fan of GLAD OdourGuard compostable bags with Febreze and I actually will continue to compost on a regular basis!
You know I’m thrifty so I wanted to make sure you want to try GLAD OdourGuard compostable bags with Febreze, you’ll get a great deal! Visit this site and get yourself a $2 coupon to use towards your purchase of GLAD OdourGuard compostable bags with Febreze.

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4 Responses to A Pumpkin, Waste Management and an Intriguing Test #GLADGruesome

  1. Soozle says:

    I really really really love this idea. I live in an apartment, so I do not compost during the winter months (in the warmer months I take my compost to the garden plot I rent)… and often notice the odor in regular garbage bags.. This sounds like a great solution!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    I think that Compostable Bags are the best ting since sliced bread! My dad swears by them.

  3. mary jane says:

    The Glad OdorGuard Compostable Bags will be a ‘Plus’ for me

  4. thomas rusinak says:

    you got it right with compostable bags

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