Remembrance Day is a time of true #Remembrance

November 11th is always a bittersweet day for me because I want to honour the memory of those who have died for our freedom and to show gratitude for those who are presenting serving in the Canadian military. That being said this day is truly one of remembrance because I find it to be a time to reflect on those that I have loved and lost.

lest we forget, remembrance day

It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I realized how many members of my family had served in the Canadian military. My grandfather served during World War II but he wouldn’t talk about it — the only thing he would say is that he saw things that no one should have to experience or remember. As a teen I learned that one of my great-uncles actually lied about his age and joined the military during World War II because he wanted to serve — as a 15 year old I couldn’t imagine the fact that he was 15 when he chose to run off to fight for our country (heck, I can’t even imagine it as a 41 year old!).

When I was little girl, I have memories of going out east to see one of my uncles. I remembered running around on a ship and the fact that we’d run up and down the ship because men would stop whenever we came by and salute. It was years before I realized that we’d been on a Canadian Navy vessel because my uncle served in the Canadian Navy for more than 2 decades.

Today I cherish my memories of these family members — they have all passed away but they stay in my heart and mind, especially today.

Canadian flagI also reflect on my family members who are presently serving in the military. To me, they are incredibly brave because they are willing to do something that I know I could not do myself and they do it so that people like me can be free.

So today please take a moment for remembrance.

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3 Responses to Remembrance Day is a time of true #Remembrance

  1. nenasinclair says:

    My Dad also lied about his age so that he could serve in WWII, he was 16 when he joined. He also wouldn’t talk about any of his war experiences, but I know he had bad nightmares. I found out after he passed away that he’d been in a tank with several other men and it was blown up. He was the only survivor. He received some type of medal for bravery, but he put it away and would never let anyone see it.

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    My grandfather flew for the RCAF in WW1 and was taken POW by the Germans. He was the highest ranking prisoner in the camp and somehow they managed to get the guards drunk and taught them to sing God Save the King. Well, he got in a wee it of trouble and was courtmartialed. We still have the original papers in German. I didn’t know until right before my mom passed away that my grandfather didn’t talk for 2 years after coming home from the war. Unfortunately he passed away when I was three so I really didn’t get to know him; but I love his story!

  3. Elva Roberts says:

    November 22-I had three step-brothers serving oversees in World war 11; one in the air force, and two in the army. The airman and his crew were shot down during the final months of the war. He was forced to march with other prisoners away from the allies. His sister told me he lost 60 pounds but he returned home to his family. The other two survived as well. I also had a step-sister in the Wacs, but she did not go overseas. I remember when we celebrated the end of the war and how we schoolchildren marched through town and sang all the way. People in our small town were at the doors watching us. I shall remember.el03ro

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