It’s all about the Work (and healthy snacks!)

I know some of you might be wondering what happened to my posts every Monday where I talked about my weight loss journey? Well, they went on a hiatus. With a lot going on, some health problems and deaths in the family and just plain old chaos, from mid-August onward it just fell by the wayside. The positive aspect was that I didn’t really gain weight. The negative aspect was that I didn’t lose either. That being said, eating was a huge obstacle and I found myself failing to get proper nutrition and forgetting everything I’d learned – even about healthy snacks!

Normally I’d be cheering at the lack of weight gain (sad as that is!) but realistically after 2+ monthes I needed to up my game. So I did — which is part of the reason why you haven’t seen me around as much!

Exercise had to take priority so I finally got my head screwed back on and just went and did what I knew I needed to do all along. A lot of cardio, some weights (I adore Body Pump class!) and a lot of sweating.

Realistically, losing weight isn’t the matter of finding a magic formula. It’s a matter of monitoring what you eat and exercising. Now that I’ve got things back in perspective I’m pleased to say that I am losing again! I am more than 3/4 to my goal so I need to remind myself of that fact when I feel like I’m “never” going to get there! If I’d had that attitude I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere and I’d still be over 200 pounds and miserable!

Keeping healthy snacks in the house is a must and it means that there aren’t special treats for one person or another. It’s an all or nothing proposition (which may not be fair but my healthy snacks, nutritionhealth is my number one priority so that’s just the way it is!). One new favourite is Grissol’s Sweet Thins. I like them because they are so different from anything else I’ve ever tried. Basically, the best way to describe these snacks is that they have a toasted texture that is similar to Melba Toast but they have an added twist because the things are actually dessert-like loaves such as banana bread, chocolate brownie and lemon poppy seed. And they only have 80 calories per packet! I like their crunchy texture and I love the sweet flavours — chocolate brownie is my favourite but I like the other flavours too. Little One and Miss Nine are pretty partial to them as well so they are great snacks that everyone enjoys and I don’t have to stress out about having calorific treats in the house!

I plan to keep moving forward as I have set targets as I do travel through the final part of my journey. I will keep sharing with you and I’d love it if you could share your thoughts and tips with me as well! I think this type of motivation is just what I need heading into the holiday season!

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10 Responses to It’s all about the Work (and healthy snacks!)

  1. Soozle says:

    It is SO easy to fall off track with health goals.. I am excellent with the exercise portion (and make it to the gym 6 days a week most weeks).. but the diet. I cannot seem to curb the snacking on ‘bad’ foods.. I have also picked up the Grissols and love them for a healthy snack that curbs my sugar craving but keeps me on track 🙂

    Good luck with your getting back on track!

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    These sound really interesting! I’m eager to give them a try! I’m a “sweet” not “salty” person so these are perfect for me

  3. nenasinclair says:

    I had no idea Grissol made these! Any idea what the carb count is, just wondering because I’m diabetic. I’d love to try them if the carbs aren’t too high!

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’ve got a sweet tooth so these sound just right for me. I’ve never heard of these before so I must keep an eye out for them in the shops. You are doing fantastically well with loosing weight, every now and again a curve ball is thrown at us, you did well you picked it up and are now back on track. Congratulations 🙂 Light is at the end of the tunnel at last.

  5. Elva Roberts says:

    December 3-More and more I am discovering that when you make plans, Life happens–good or bad, it can bring all best made plans crashing about one’s head. You have to deal with life and priority has to be given to the highest need at that time.
    You are doing very well to get back on track as soon as you could. I am also doing weight training with free weights and I love the energy it gives me.
    I have also eaten the Grissol Poppy Seed thins and I really liked them. I have still weight to lose and I will keep on trying -inspired by people like you.-el03ro

  6. Cheryl Grandy says:

    It’s hard to stay on track over a long period of time – life gets in the way. You did well for a long time, so you should be proud of yourself. When life settles down, you can get back on track. Please don’t give up.

  7. Judy Cowan says:

    It is hard to stay on track for a long period, life does tend to get in the way but the important thing is to pick up and get back on track again when you can. I have tried the brownie Grissol thins and they were good!

  8. mrdisco1 says:

    healthy snacking is the key. can’t slide off the wagon with fatty snacks

  9. Heidi C. says:

    It helps to keep healthier snacks like these around the house, especially if you have a sweet tooth like me.

  10. loucheryl says:

    My husband is looking for healthy snack options. Thanks for the post on these!

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