Coleman’s AeroBed – Perfect for those #Holiday Guests!

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For the girls, in their mind the holiday equates to a number of different things. Presents. Treats. Family. And, by extension, sleepovers with Grandma and Grandpa. While they love sleeping over, I know that setting everything up is getting harder and harder for my colemanparents. The girls have gotten to the point where they won’t sleep together (unless my parents want to listen to them bicker!) and the rollaway mattress my parents have isn’t the most practical anymore – sadly, it has seen better days! I’ve talked to my parents about getting an air bed but my mom has always had reservations because she thought it would be a lot of hard work to setup and take down. But I got her a surprise that takes away all those problems – Coleman’s Aerobed!

AeroBed Classic Bed Twin 9” Single Height
Specifically the one that made the most sense was the AeroBed Classic Bed Twin 9” Single Height. I thought it would be a great choice for the girls because, according to Coleman, the horizontal air channels cradle and support body. My parents don’t have to get new sheets because it fits standard twin/queen size sheets. And, what I think is the most important factor – inflating and deflating are super-easy! It has an easy to use hand-held AC pump for fast inflation AND a Whoosh Valve for fast deflation and easy storage.

When I gave it to my parents, my mom actually teared up and hugged me! She said that they love having the girls over and that the Aerobed was going to make their visits a lot easier!
I envision a lot of sleepovers in the girls’ futures!
You can get the Coleman Aerobed at Canadian Tire (the Twin Size has a suggested retail prize of $99.99).

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One Response to Coleman’s AeroBed – Perfect for those #Holiday Guests!

  1. loucheryl says:

    This is something I need to invest in!

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