2 #Gifts from President’s Choice this #holiday season – PC Points & PC Insider’s Report!

I feel like the closer I get to the holidays this year, the more things I need to get done. I’ve been frantically going from store to store trying to get everything I need. Lucky for me, a lot of what I’ve wanted I could pick up at my local Zehrs! The Holiday Insider report has included a wealth of cool new products and I’m getting PC Points thanks to the PC Plus program too!

Nanaimo Bar

One of the coolest things this year is the wide array of baking mixes available from President’s Choice and this year the girls used them to help others! The girls picked out some of their favourites to make (I have to admit I was excited to see the PC Nanaimo Bar Baking Mix) and then give them as gifts! Then, they also chose other PC baking kits to give to the local food bank to go into the holiday gift baskets! Miss Nine told me that everyone should be able to have the chance to bake so I was more than happy to give the girls the chance to share what they love, thanks to President’s Choice!

Chocolate Flavoured SodaThere also seems to be an ever-expanding array of cool Decadent-related products and we were happy to try them out! The girlsDecadent Chocolate Bar with Cookie Pieces really like the Chocolate Flavoured Soda in milkshakes and gobbled up the Decadent Chocolate Bar with Cookie Pieces before I had a chance to try any (I will take their word that it is yummy!).

After running around outside on some of the colder days we’ve Decadent Hot Chocolatehad so far, the girls tried the Decadent Hot Chocolate Decadent Chocolate Middle Cookiesand said they really liked it as well. And what pairs best with Decadent Hot Chocolate? Decadent Chocolate Middle Cookies of course! All of these have been a real hit here and I’ve realized I have real little chocoholics on my hands!

PC Plus CardThe most brilliant thing about the great holiday PC products (in addition to the variety and quality of course!) is the fact that I can now get points and gain rewards thanks to the PC Plus program. There are a tremendous number of great aspects of this program and I was lucky enough to try it out when it first appeared in Loblaws stores — you can learn all about it in my PC Plus review.

If you need me, I think I’ve realized I need to replenish the Decadent products here so I’m off to Zehrs!

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One Response to 2 #Gifts from President’s Choice this #holiday season – PC Points & PC Insider’s Report!

  1. Soozle says:

    I really love the new PC Plus program.. It’s really cool that the rewards are tailored to your shopping patterns. It’s completely a win – win situation! I also really love the baking mixes PC has – the shortbread is pretty good!

    I haven’t heard great things about the chocolate soda so far – but I can see it being really great in a float. 🙂

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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