Cariloha will keep you warm with their beautiful bamboo throws! (G!veaway – CAN/US Rafflecopter)

The thing that I hate most in the winter is pretty simply. I hate being cold. I hate it a lot. I hate it so much that I could probably say it over…and over…and over again (and right now I’m thinking my toes are chilly just as I’m writing this!). If you are a regular reader, you’ll know that I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Cariloha for a couple of years now. Their bamboo-based clothing and household items are amazing because they are soft and thin to the touch but also incredibly durable and warm! My parents even went away on holiday and brought me back Cariloha socks because they’d heard me go on about how much I love their products!

long sleeved teeJust when I thought it wasn’t possible, this winter Cariloha has made me love them even more because they have both great clothing and an amazing throw that keeps me warm on the couch when I’m getting chilly (have I mentioned I hate being cold? Just checking!).
The Bamboo Long Sleeve Crew Tee is brilliant when I’m hanging out at home, when I’m running around town or when I’m at work. It is incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down because it’s quality is apparent! I appreciate it because it is soft on the skin, breathes well and has a great fit too. A total winner!

bambooAnd, for those cold nights (yes, I know I keep mentioning the cold – I can’t help myself!) the Silver Blue Bamboo Throw is unlike any other blanket I’ve ever used! It has a soft underside, a fur type top layer (which doesn’t shed – unlike some of the other throws I’ve owned in the past!) and it has a lightweight feel but is really really warm! And it is really cute – I love the colour! I’ve actually thrown out my other livingroom blankets and the Cariloha throw is the only one because I don’t need any others!
At the end of the day (when I’m snuggled up on the couch feeling toasty warm!) there’s nothing I can say that the word AWESOME doesn’t say for itself!

Enter to win a Cariloha bamboo throw blanket ($119 value!)  – just click on the logo below!

Giveaway ends January 24, 2014. Open to Canada and US (excluding Quebec).

Cariloha logo

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85 Responses to Cariloha will keep you warm with their beautiful bamboo throws! (G!veaway – CAN/US Rafflecopter)

  1. ivy pluchinsky says:

    Bamboo Bed Sheet Set in blue would be so cool

  2. Donnas says:

    I like the bath towel in Caribbean Mint, unfortunately it’s out of stock.

  3. jan says:

    the bamboo tank in butter is gorgeous

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