2014 Brings New Directions

As I reflect back on 2013, I hate to say it but the generally consistent thought I had was “blah”. There were, as always, some great moments but most of the time it was simply working to get things done during the day. As I look back on what I wanted to accomplish in 2013, I realize that most of what I’d set out to do simply fell by the wayside. For that reason I’ve decided to truly redirect myself to finish the things I have started. Time for new directions!


If this lumberjack can look at the top and keep going, then I can too!

The biggest focus will be putting a spotlight on losing the last 25 pounds to reach my target weight. My husband raised an excellent point a couple of monthes ago. He said that I was so busy looking at what I needed to do and feeling daunted by it that I hadn’t stopped to truly look at the big picture. Realistically, when I began this journey again I had approximately 75 pounds to lose. At this stage I have lost approximately 50 pounds. While I am no mathematical wizard (a great and grand understatement!) I have worked to achieve 2/3 of my initial goal and I only have 1/3 left to go. When put in that context, I realized that my greatest goal for 2014 is to reach that goal and to maintain it!

In order to do that, I have to make exercise and healthy eating my first priorities. While I have some hobbies that I enjoy doing, they have to take a backseat to losing this weight and keeping focus so that I can strike a balance to maintain my goal.

You will see a shift in focus here as I return to using this platform to examine what I find works for me, where I need to improve and the great resources I have been bookmarking along the way that I plan to utilize and share with you! I will also return to sharing my progress because I believe that it will provide another means of support to the development of this final chapter in what has been a journey that has been taking much too long!

And, because I am still one thrifty gal, I’m going to share what I learn about making healthy choices without breaking the bank!

Are you thinking about embarking on a new journey of type or, like me, facing the final battle? If so, you will appreciate this article on Why a healthy lifestyle could save your sanity (which I learned about thanks to Laina at Keeping Off 200 Pounds)

Today (after an indulgent holiday) I weigh 156 pounds and am only way to finishing what I started so long ago!

What are your plans for 2014?

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2 Responses to 2014 Brings New Directions

  1. Bcteagirl says:

    Good for you!! It does sound like a lot of the work is already done or started. I need to lose a bit of weight, and get back into exercising. I am also going to try to get more involved in my community.

  2. loucheryl says:

    My plan for 2014 is to try and put myself before others, for once.

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