All About MLRC

One day I was struck with a brilliant idea (listen – I don’t get them that often so I’m excited when the stroke of brilliance appears!).

I am one of those people who is always asked my opinion about things — from colleagues to friends and family, my opinion seems to carry weight with others.

So why not share my opinions with everyone?

And, since I was search of a little corner of the blogosphere where I could review whatever my heart desired, My Little Review Corner was born!

And, since I’m psychic (well, not really but it sounds good if I say I am!) I am going to answer the question that most people ask….

Who is that person in your avatar and who is the girl on her shirt?

It’s a funny story but I promise I’ll make it quick!  When I started the blog, I tried to figure out how to do everything on my own — talk about a learning curve. One thing I did do was design my own avatar. I wanted her to be cute and fun. Well….she was cute and fun but she didn’t look like me AT ALL! I was talking to an amazing friend and I told her about my avatar and my frustrations. Well, as it turns out she has a great handle on graphic design and she designed my avatar — who really does look like me! As a nod to my own first attempt, we decided that my avatar should wear my previous avatar on her shirt!

So that’s how the girl on the shirt was born!