Healthy Food/Exercise

I write about a lot of things (including a lot of recipes) but it is easy to miss them so I thought I’d share the links here – consider it the “highlights” of my journey in healthy eating!

12 Responses to Healthy Food/Exercise

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  2. nenasinclair says:

    I can always use some pointers, so I look forward to reading about your journey in healthy eating1

  3. poundlounge says:

    Good use of overlapping social media. Twitter “like” from a non-facebooker

  4. Awesome, We can all learn from eachother… and I love trying out new recipies… too 🙂

  5. don’t forget to drink your water too… it really helps flush the system

  6. Lisa G says:

    There is always room for new recipes, tips and advice

  7. roxxyroller says:

    I always set my mind to lose weight and eat healthier, until I am starving and fall off the wagon! 😦

  8. Janet M says:

    Thanks for links. I always need inspiration.

  9. sherry k says:

    THanks for sharing, at this time of year I need some inspiration

  10. I’ve learned alot from your blog about health, and diet changes, etc, as well as your own personal struggle with weight loss (I’m in the midst of a struggle myself!!) April 27

    • Well, this wasn’t supposed to go here 🙂 Sorry about that, Maggie, I clicked on it by accident while I was pasting and I guess it wound up here. Can you please delete it? Thanks!

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