Great freebies at Brandsaver (and more!)

I am behind in my email, so I was THRILLED when I opened my email to find out there is a new Brandsaver campaign!

For those who haven’t heard of Brandsaver, it is a cool program from Proctor and Gamble (P&G) that allows Canadians to try various products from the company! You can check out the new Brandsaver here.

If you’ve already found Brandsaver, or if you are an American reader, there is a great new site you should also check! Sam at Kidsumers posts new freebies every day! Some are for Canadians, some for Americans and some both! I’ve been amazed at the fact that she is able to find freebies that I’ve never seen before! It is definitely worth a look!

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One Response to Great freebies at Brandsaver (and more!)

  1. iamBudgell says:

    I love brand saver, I really enjoy when all the sample arrive, it is like christmas.

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